Do You Go with the Blogging Flow?


Do You Go with the Blogging Flow?

One of the best lessons I learned after 12 years of blogging is to go with the blogging flow. Life is change. Blogging is part of life; by default, blogging is change, too.

WWH – this blog – was down for a few days like virtually every blog online for a long time, at one time or another. Did you know my blog was offline for 12 days in a row once? I had issues with my hosting company. I have a new hosting company now, but observing my blog being offline for almost 2 weeks instilled a sense of patience, persistence and flat out surrender to the non-change-able, in me. I HAD TO go with the blogging flow or else I could have gone bonkers, nuts, crazy. I did become a little bit nuts during my first few days of this stretch. But acting immaturely only proved I refused to go with the blogging flow.

During WWH offline time I went with the flow. I wrote guest posts for other bloggers; some of whom I owed a few more guest posts. I enjoyed more time offline. I even thought through my social media strategy. Deleting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps from my phone freed me quite a bit. I now spend 10 minutes tops on social media daily by logging in to Twitter and Facebook via my laptop. Why? Versus fighting the flow of things I went with the flow of things.

Fighting proves your fear. Doing things from fear makes things worse. Fighting is foolish. Fighting blocks solutions to problems. Imagine your blog going offline for some reason. Fighting the flow makes everything worse because instead of seeking solutions you complain about what is. Why cry over spilled milk? Why moan and whine about events transpired? Complaining about your blog being offline wastes your energy.

Go with the blogging flow. Stop complaining. Find solutions to your blog being offline. First, email your hosting company. Alert customer service of the issue. Begin trouble shooting. Did hackers corrupt your blog? Or does the issue seem to be server related? Get in touch with a web developer. Pepper the professional with a few questions.

Do you see how being flexible allows you to go with the flow in order to find solutions for blogging issues that will arise during a long haul blogging journey? No matter your blogging level of skill and clarity, issues meet every blogger who’s been online for years. I care not who you are, your connections and the level of expertise you possess. Life happens. Any blogger online for 5, 10 or 12 years faces situations arising from time to time. Either go with the flow to solve the issues or fight the flow to prolong issues. Problems grow or dissolve in response to your willingness to go with the blogging flow.

Going with the blogging flow does not mean:

  • giving up
  • quitting
  • being resigned to some difficult to situation

Do not get it twisted; going with the flow means being open to solutions to any blogging problem. Embodying this quality also means generously, patiently and persistently allowing your blogging success to grow organically, slowly and steadily. Right now, you are exactly where you need to be to appreciate your blogging growth. Avoid pining for greater blogging growth than you experience, right now.

Go with the flow. Surround yourself with pro bloggers. Feed off of their calm, confidence, flexible energy. Follow their lead. Accelerate your blogging success.


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