Do You Hide Your Writing?


Do You Hide Your Writing?

I wrote a new blog post but…..shhhhh…..don’t tell anyone!

If this sounds bizarre or flat out silly, please, think again; subconsciously, an astounding number of bloggers and self-published authors secretly feel this way. Fear-filled, doubting writers often hide their work or delay publishing – or self-publishing eBooks – for fears of criticism, failure and the abject fear of wasting time.

Self-criticism often reigns in this regard. I observed a few hyper talented writers who hide away by editing work 5, 10 or 15 times over days, claiming the pursuit of perfection, but honestly feeling like a worthless, unskilled, blogging low-life. I find this sad. Why beat yourself up over being a skilled, masterful writer? Why hide away? Why hide your writing work? This sneaky subconscious conviction grows out of fear. Writers and bloggers fear something or someone. Resisting fear, writers and bloggers find strategies guaranteeing self-sabotage and failure. Hiding your writing by not promoting yourself, by publishing posts infrequently, by avoiding guest posting and by feeling ashamed to share your inspiration all help you avoid facing fear, but prolong your struggles and failing, guaranteeing you quit writing and blogging.

Then, you have guys like me. I promote 1 eBook through every single piece of content I create. I share my writing with the world, writing and self-publishing over 120 eBooks. Why? WHY NOT?!?! I may as well write a cyber diary if I hide away because my writing is only for myself, if I took that route. Since I faced fears of criticism and failure, feeling these energies, I no longer hide away. Even better? I promote myself, my eBooks and my knowledge with the world, publishing oodles of blog posts and guest posts.

Face your fear of criticism. Hug your fear of failing. Stop hiding your writing. Nobody fools me; I see clearly, so the 10th edit aimed at striving for perfection is just you hiding your writing, your deep fear of publishing the post for the general public, crippling you. What happens if the post goes live-public? People read it. Most love it. But invariably, as you hide less, and share more, critics enter the fray, lobbing their lame arrows at you via negative comments, 1 star eBook reviews and the generally intense energy of heavy judgment. No one enjoys being criticized but pro bloggers and pro authors face, embrace and release fears of criticism and failing, to share their writing gift with the world.

Stop hiding your writing. Stop hiding, yourself. Share your knowledge with us. We want to learn from you. We crave your inspiration. Be bold. Get clear. Embrace how critics simply project self-fear and self-pain onto you, through negative comments and biting, poor reviews. See yourself as the mirror, reflecting a critical view of self, back to critics. No successful blogger or author lives a critic-free experience but all happy pros simply learn how to face, feel and release fears associated with criticism, to experience sweet blogging and writing success.

People have zero lack of clarity about what I do; blog, and promote my 120 plus eBooks. Do you feel confused about me and my blogging-business intent? Nope. Someone who publishes 10-14 posts daily certainly cannot be accused of hiding away. I go back to where I am loved (find my fans), create content, help people and promote my eBooks all day long. But only because I faced, felt and released the fear of criticism and its equally rough fear of failure, two energies plaguing most writers.


Do you hide your writing because you lack confidence concerning your writing voice? Authors usually fear writing in THEIR distinct voice for fear of being criticized. How can you find your writing voice? I wrote an eBook to help you. Buy it here:

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