Do You Look on the Blogging Bright Side?


Do You Look on the Blogging Bright Side?

When is the last time you felt good about your blogging success?

Do you see how little traffic you get daily? Or do you tabulate all the traffic you received over the last 4 days? Do you feel good about the total blog traffic you received over the past month?

You should. Blogging is between the ears. Bloggers who look on the blogging bright side feel good. Feeling good energizes you for this blogging journey. Blogging feels better and better to you. Feeling better and better inspires you to be:

  • generous
  • genuine
  • patient
  • persistent

Yep; take on the qualities of pro bloggers by feeling good about your blogging journey. Feeling good energizes you to blog the right way. Imagine seeing your blog through a new, fresh, positive set of glasses. Maybe you feel bummed about only getting 5 people to visit your blog today.

But how about the 45 people who visited your blog this past week? Focus on the cumulative. Tabulate everything. Feel better. Feel more abundant. I love feeling abundant because feeling whole goads me to be more generous. I feel whole and complete – in moments 😉 – and keep giving freely. Follow my lead. Uncover this secret for being prolific. Look on the blogging bright side.

Stop looking on the blogging dark side. Cease seeing lack, limitation, poverty and negativity. You know what I mean. Scan Quora, Facebook or Twitter. Observe traffic problems, income problems and any problem perceived by bloggers staring obsessively at the blogging dark side. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give energy to good vibes. Feel good. Position yourself to succeed online. Give energy to bad vibes. Feel bad. Position yourself to fail online. The perceiver creates the experience. Every success or failure begins in your mind. Every success or failure begins with your focus.

What blogging wins do you count daily? Count as many as possible to feel as good as possible. Counting wins does not only promote blogging success. Counting wins promotes peace of mind. Who cares if you succeed being burdened by doubts, chaos and mental panic?

Who cares if you go pro being anchored down by distrust, skepticism and contempt for humanity? Being a pro’s pro means enjoying the pro blogging ride. Do you plan to blog for 5-10 years at least? You better. Going pro takes generous service, years of time and patience. You may as well largely enjoy the 5-10 years because you will be at it for a while.

Looking on the blogging bright side means facing, feeling and releasing fears, too. I may advise you to be positive but also introduce the sour aspects of blogging. Yes; this means leaving your comfort zone on the regular. No one enjoys feeling uncomfortable but putting on sunnier blogging glasses reveals skills developed through your discomfort.

I became more confident, prolific and generous by facing uncomfortable live broadcasts. Now I feel relaxed broadcasting live. But I felt scared to broadcast live 6000 live videos ago. Thank goodness I saw benefits from cutting through fear, discomfort and suffering, too. I looked on the blogging bright side.

I suggest you do the same to live your dreams through blogging.

I spend roughly 2-3 hours daily doing various forms of yoga, meditating and exercising to train my mind. Training my mind both purges fears and expands my love; two critical practices for seeing the positive blessing, the good-feeling seed, in every blogging situation. I invite you to follow any mind training ritual resonant with you. I practice meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and power walking.

Go with whatever floats your mental boat 🙂

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