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Do You Raise or Lower the Blogging Bar Daily? - World Writers Hub

Exhibit A:

How I Published 10 eBooks in 4 Months and How You Can Too

Exhibit B:

5 Wicked Mental Blocks I Crushed to Write and Publish 50 eBooks in 10 Months (and How You Can Crush Them too)

Exhibit C:

How I Published 100 Amazon Products in 10 Months (So You Can Do it Too)

I intend to raise the bar as much as possible. Day after day, month after month, I raise the bar. I know of no other way to be happy. Going backwards feels like dying to me. I never lower the bar. I do not try to overachieve as much as I enjoy edging outside of my comfort zone to have more fun and to help more people.

Edging out of your comfort zone raises the bar. Instantly. But being honest about your direction is the only way to raise the bar. Do you lower the bar? Do you coast? Do you rest on your blogging – and writing – laurels? Experiencing a tiny bit of success always roots out the genuinely lazy, not too passionate bloggers out there. Bloggers sign up a client and take the rest of the week off. How can you succeed if you retire from blogging the split second you experience a little bit of success?

Becoming a pro blogger is not about being hungry. Far from it. Becoming a pro is about edging out of your comfort zone to slowly and steadily raise the blogging bar. I initially felt good writing and self-publishing 10 eBooks in 4 months. As I practiced diligently to hone my skills, I wrote and self-published 50 eBooks in 10 months. I turned around, went on a writing blitz, and self-published 100 plus products in a 10 month stretch.


I raised the blogging bar by dreaming bigger dreams. But more importantly, I practiced writing daily to genuinely own my writing skills. Owning my writing skills made it easier for me to become prolific. I eventually wrote and self-published one 6,000 word eBook daily for 3 months in a row.

Practicing my writing gave me the ability to write a 6000 word eBook in 2-3 hours. I did so daily while living in Bali. I proof read the eBooks a few hours later before submitting the reads to Amazon for self-publishing.

Everything expanded with my skills and production because I chose to expand. I never could become prolific if I chose to contract.

What direction do you choose? Expansion or contraction? Keep raising the bar not to achieve more, but to be more. Two totally different energies fuel each path. Achieving more comes from energies of straining, striving and pushing. Being more comes from energies of relaxing, allowing, generously serving and being pulled to do things via your intuitive nudges.

No one succeeds over the long haul by trying like mad. Over achievers burn out. But BE-ers who blog from a fun, relaxed, expansive intent keep raising the blogging bar while most other bloggers scratch their heads.

I am hardly some blogging god. I just write. But I do set an intent to keep expanding my limits to help more folks and to see what I am genuinely capable of. So far, so good. Everything keeps increasing for me as I raise the bar regularly.

Seize opportunities for growth. Help people whenever you can. Make it a habit to generously serve people through:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • live broadcasts
  • podcasts

in order to raise the bar routinely. Being generous is the starting point to raising the bar. Help more people to hone, then own, your blogging skills. Expand your skills to do even more awesome, expansive things.

Test your limits.

Keep raising the blogging bar.
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