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Does Insta Impatience Cripple Your Blogging Profits? - World Writers Hub

Most bloggers I meet suffer from impatience. I have been in this blogging boat. I hurt my pro blogging potential for years because I wanted success without paying my dues. Lesson learned. Only took me years to figure this out. Smart guy I am 🙂

People want instant results. The internet breeds this level of impatience but your fears need to participate in the process. Years ago, you spent time driving to a grocery store to go shopping for food. Now you can order groceries in minutes online and receive your food within hours or perhaps one day.

I agree with convenience. Freedom rocks. But business ventures grow on generosity and patience. Look at blogging. Bloggers want to make money online fast. But money responds to your blogging skills. Skills require thousands of hours of practice to become money worthy.

Why would you buy my blogging eBook for making money? You trust me. Why do you trust me? I blogged for thousands of hours. Blogging for thousands of hours increased my skills. Increasing my skills boosted my credibility. Did you see how the process works?

No one makes money blogging by rushing the process. No one can speed up the practice process. Everybody needs to pay their blogging dues. Skilled bloggers spend time and energy increasing their skills. No one has access to a time machine. We all need to practice for years to gain trust.

But impatient bloggers cripple their blogging profits because your fear guarantees your lack of skills. Please re-read that line. Most bloggers struggle to make money because most bloggers do not practice writing, creating and connecting.

Money flows through income streams but from skilled, trusted bloggers. Every time you avoid writing a blog post or commenting genuinely on a blog, you forfeit the right to make money blogging. Why? Your impatience robs you of skills you need to profit.

A group of spammers pitched their business opportunity via a Facebook group recently. I deeply appreciate their hustle. But their impatience kills their ability to make money online. Versus developing skills so business flows to them, they desperately and impatiently chase business by pitching people who show zero interest in their opportunity.

I answered a silly question on Facebook with an even sillier answer. But at least three people told me to inbox them for details on their home-based opportunity. Think about their qualifier. I bandied about a silly answer. But these people assumed I seemed interested in their home based business because I answered a question that had nothing to do with business or being an entrepreneur.

I almost deem this level of impatience as being insane because you tune into a deluded world way out of the realm of reality or truth when fear manifest as impatience calls shots with your blogging campaign.

Slow down and calm down. Relax. You will be blogging for a while to do it right. But if you plan to be around for a while just blog the right way in order to succeed. Practice your skills. Create helpful content. Build meaningful connections with bloggers.

Monetize your blog through multiple streams of income. Blogging is simple but uncomfortable sometimes. See the journey through by visualizing your dreams. Blog for freedom. Follow blogging mentors. Seek advice from professional bloggers to blog the right way.

Success finds patient bloggers. Success avoids impatient bloggers. Be successful by being patient, persistent and generous to build a rock solid foundation for your professional blogging career.


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