Does Your Blogging and Real Self Split?


Does Your Blogging and Real Self Split?

After I’ve met bloggers offline over the years during my global travels one common thread seems to be shared.

Bloggers I meet offline profess how I am just like the personality I share online. Overall, my blogging and real self are the same. I do not act, or build a blogging persona, for the online world split from my genuine self. What you see online if what you see offline. In truth, what you see wherever I happy to pop up – online or offline – is what you get.

However, chatting up fellow bloggers offline revealed some bloggers experienced awkward encounters with other bloggers offline. Why? Online blogging personas deviated greatly from the offline personality. The guy online is an act. The guy offline is their true self. Seeing this blogging-real split hurts your credibility unless the blogging persona is a clear, genuine, easy to see act. Humans tend to know when someone acts because bloggers specifically let readers know the blogging self is an:

  • act
  • honest persona

However, when the blogging persona is supposed to be the genuine you but the real you is quite different, fear manifests its ugly head. Fearing the idea of being yourself creates a disconnect. Readers sense a less than genuine blogger. People tend to stay away from less than authentic bloggers.

Does blogging you mirror real you? I regularly inject personal stories into my blog to add a genuine touch to my work. Reading my blog reveals who I really am. I have little to nothing to hide. Nor do I carefully build some forum bahis perfect image of self based on my life of circling the globe. I stress the ups and downs of travel because real me knows blogging is not all sunshine and rainbows for digital nomads. However, other traveling bloggers convey images of Infinity Pools, coconut shakes on the beach and dazzling sunsets without sharing stories about traveler’s diarrhea, mosquito bites and draconian laws consistent in developing nations.

Do not lie. Tell the truth. Tell the rest of the story through your blog to blog as you are. Blogging as you are means being your real self as you share your knowledge. Share ups and downs. List wins and losses. Blog about your successes and struggles. Give people your honest experience. Never focus solely on the highlights. Share some lowlights to be genuine.

Being honest ensures no split exists between a blogging persona and how you really are. Blogging you simply becomes the real you. Readers know, like and trust genuine bloggers who share their real personality through their blogs. However, trusting an unrealistic blogging persona carefully constructed on a bed of sugary success, positive experiences and a dream-like life becomes highly difficult if not outright impossible. How can you trust perfection from a worldly perspective? Everyone knows life seems to have ups and downs, highs and lows and a sense of contrast.

Focusing solely on the positive aspects of your niche through your blog makes you:

  • non-credible
  • untrustworthy
  • impossible to connect with
  • non-genuine
  • inauthentic

Tell the truth and you’ll never need to establish some spotless blogging persona. Being honest through your blog feels good for your conscience. Tell the truth to bridge the chasm between any appearance of a split between blogging you and the real you.


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