Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Review: Everything You Need to Know 

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Program

Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Review: Everything You Need to Know 

Affiliate marketing with Expertnaire began years ago and if you’re still confused about what Expertnaire is all about, how to join Expertnaire, or ways to make money on Expertnaire, this post is for you.

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Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria is a business model through which one receives a certain commission for achieving a set business objective around a product or service. 

Prospectively, the average affiliate marketing commission rate varies from 20% to 80% or more depending on a variety of factors. Sometimes, it could be up to 100% commission on the front-end offer.

The truth is, affiliate marketing is one of the ways to make fast money online even as a beginner. There are lots of people generating millions of naira through affiliate marketing and you can do just the same. 

There are systems where you refer people to sign up with their email addresses or for a FREE trial for a program and get to enjoy a commission for that. However, most of the commissions will always require you to make a sale before you earn. 

Affiliate marketing allows you the opportunity to earn up to a million naira in a month, and even more money than you have right now or can imagine.

You might have been ignorant of this for a long time now, but the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform is a great opportunity to start a profitable business in Nigeria. 

Knowledge is power, right? Expertnaire Affiliate marketing platform is here to give you that power.

In today’s Expertnaire affiliate marketing program review, we’ll be looking at: 

What is Expertnaire All About?

Expertnaire is in the business of delivering high-value digital knowledge products into the hands of the right customers.

They have a huge network of high-performing affiliates who are ready to get your products in the hands of millions of paying customers.

Expertnaire’s focus is on knowledge-based digital products. These digital products are products created by top experts in different online marketing fields.

What Expertnaire does is, it stands as the platform that connects Vendors with Affiliates where the affiliate drives sales and is paid 20% – 80% affiliate commission from every sale.  

Let’s say a product cost price is ₦50,000 and the commission for the product is 40%. When a customer purchases through your affiliate link, you get ₦20,000 which is 40% of the product sale price. 

If in a day, 10 people purchase the product through your affiliate link, you’ll be paid ₦20,000 X 10 purchases which equal ₦200,000.

You don’t own the product or in charge of the delivery, and you’re making as much money. Imagine getting 10 sales every day for a week.

This leaves you with ₦200,000 times 7 which equals ₦1,400,000. This amount may look big to you until you get to see those who are doing way more.

Here’s an example of what Prosper did in his first 30 days:

Another screenshot of Leonard (from a 2 days test campaign)

And Oludele too:

expertnaire nigeria make money online

I’m not showing you the screenshots to convince you that the Expertnaire affiliate program is legit or not.

This is for you to see what you’re missing out on if you’re not into affiliate marketing with the Expertnaire platform or leveraging other affiliate marketing platforms in Nigeria to make more money for yourself.

How to Get Sales On Expertnaire

There are three parties involved in making a successful sale. The Vendor, The Affiliates, and the Platform. In the next few lines, I’ll be explaining in detail to help you to understand.

The Vendor: These are top experts that list their products on the Expertnaire platform.

The Affiliates: These are individuals who register on Expertnaire as affiliates to promote the products listed by the Vendors and earn from 30% – 80% commission (or more) in sales.

The Platform: Expertnaire serves as the platform where Vendors list their products for Affiliates ready to get customers for the digital products to earn commissions from every successful sale.

Basically, Vendors list their products, affiliates bring the customers that purchase the products, Expertnaire delivers the product(s) to the customer after the purchase and everyone goes home happy. 

With a special dashboard on the Expertnaire marketing platform, the Vendor would know the progress of their products and the affiliate will know the commission they are earning from their affiliate sales.

Who Owns Expertnaire?

If you’ve been asking who is the owner of Expertnaire, the Expertnaire Founder is Toyin Omotoso.

Expertnaire is owned by a Nigerian marketing expert, Toyin Omotoso who happens to also own the 7 Star Systems where the 72IG Implementation Program is hosted. 

You can follow him on Facebook, read his blog, or tweet at him on Twitter via @toyinomotoso where he shares about life, business, money, and marketing. 

Expertnaire Site

expertnaire website

The website can be found at If you’re ready to make more money through other people’s products as an affiliate, you can leverage the platform to do just that.

Expertnaire Affiliate Sign Up

Expertnaire registration can be done in minutes. I love it when I can explore different options to solve a problem, which is what the founder of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso did with Expertnaire. There are two options for signing up on Expertnaire.

Option 1: You can sign up via the 72IG Implementation Program here.

72IG Implementation Program is a step-by-step training created by the founder of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotoso where he teaches you how to make more money as an affiliate on Expertnaire. 

In addition to that, you get 2-year FREE access to Expertnaire as an affiliate instead of paying ₦10,000 every year. You’ll discover more about it below.

Option 2: You can sign up as an ordinary affiliate.

With option 2, all you need to do is click here and fill in your name, phone number, email address, password, and then click on Register. 

expertnaire sign up

Before you click on Register, you need to click on Terms and Conditions as you can see below.

expertnaire terms and condition confirm

If you don’t click on the Terms and Conditions, you’ll see the screen below:

expertnaire terms and condtions error

Now that the Terms and Conditions are out of the way, you can go and click on Register. The moment you click on Register, you will get a pop-up acknowledging the ₦10,000 registration fee. It looks like the screen below.

expertnaire payment steps

At this point, you can click on “Yes, continue” and move over to the payment page.

As you already know, the affiliate registration fee is ₦10,000. You can insert your card to make the payment, pay by bank transfer, or USSD. This payment gives you access to carefully vetted products you can promote to your friends, family, online community, email ist, or social media followers.

expertnaire sign up page

After making the payment, you will get the details of your account for immediate login. This qualifies you to get access to the special Telegram link where other affiliates connect, share ideas, and learn more. 

Expertnaire Affiliate Login

The Expertnaire sign-in is a simple page that allows you to log in to see your dashboard, all transactions, manage your affiliate sales/commissions, and get access to the Expertnaire marketplace that has a list of several products to promote. Click here to log in.

Now that you’re logged in, what next?

At the right top of your screen, click on your name and you will see “Profile” as shown on the screen below. 

expertnaire affiliate dashboard

After that, click on “Edit my profile” and you’ll see the screen below. At this point what you need to do is to enter your Bank Name, Account Name, and Account Number and click on save.

withdraw expertnaire money to bank account 

Payments are sent out every Friday, and they are paid to the bank account linked to your Expertnaire account.

Expertnaire 72IG Implementation Program

72IG Implementation program was created by Toyin Omotoso. He is a Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur, and Investor with vast years of business experience.

The 72IG Implementation Program is a program where he shared exactly what you can do to start making at least ₦750K a month -even if the economy went to the dogs. Watch his video training here.

To implement what he teaches, you need to have a smartphone, laptop, and a website. A laptop and a website are not compulsory when starting as you can leverage on the free traffic methods he shared and still make sales using your smartphone.

Is Expertnaire Legit or Scam?

I’ve seen people asking if Expertnaire is legit or a scam, and I’ll be showing you about the platform, but before we get into detail I’ll tell you a short story. For the sake of this quick story, let’s call her Ada. 

Ada watched one of my friends’ videos where he spoke in detail about Expertnaire and what the platform has to offer.

After watching the video she went on to make a purchase. A few days later Ada came asking for a SUMMARY of the training she enrolled for. It was called training for a reason. If it’s a crash course, you’ll know it is. 

For it to be called training means there are processes you need to undergo, implementation, and a few other action steps before the results of the implementation.

While he couldn’t provide a summary of the training (which isn’t his or his duty to do), Ada starts asking for a REFUND.

Why did I tell you this story? Before you call SOMEONE or SOMETHING a SCAM, you need to make sure you understand and are following the marketing rules, or best referred to as the Terms and Conditions.

Some people don’t read the terms and conditions, and then, the next minute they start hating and calling out people or product sellers as scammers.

If Ada read the Terms and Conditions and understood what she read, she should have known the next line of action to take.

I don’t know how the story ended, but at times like this, you can easily reach out to the support team. Share the situation with them, and then they can take it from there.

Note: Before you make any purchase online, please endeavor to understand the terms and conditions of the platform or product so you don’t fall victim to calling others scammers when it’s clear your ignorance is performing at its best.

List of Expertnaire Courses

list of expertnaire courses

What Expertnaire stands for is pretty simple. It is a digital marketplace where they help creators of digital products get more sales and connect with more customers.

These digital products include courses, software, eBooks, etc.

They have several digital products in the Expertnaire Product Marketplace and below are some of the products you can enroll in, purchase, or promote to earn more commissions.

1. 72IG Implementation Program – B Version – ₦45,000.00 (50% commission)

2. 30-Day Affiliate Commissions Challenge – ₦25,000.00 (40% commission)

3. Whatsapp Instant Marketing – ₦15,000.00 (50% commission)

4. Auto Book Pay Method – ₦50,000.00 (30% commission)

5. Toyin Omotoso’s Sales & Marketing Package – ₦18,000.00 (50% commission)

6. Permanent Residence In Canada Blueprint – ₦17,000.00 (50% commission)

7. Information Business Machines (IBM) Program – ₦50,000 – 50%

8. 10X Ecommerce Complete Masterclass – ₦150,000 – 30%

9. Live Breathing Cash Machine Book – ₦5,000 – 80%

There’s more to the list you can see above. You can sign up on Expertnaire to get full access.

Expertnaire Telegram Group

The Expertnaire Telegram group is for Expertnaire affiliates/registered users. To start discussing with other Expertnaire affiliates on the Telegram group, you need to install the Telegram app on your phone (if you don’t have the app installed already). 

After making your payment, you’ll get a link to join the Telegram group. However, if after the payment you don’t see it, you can send an email to help[at] to request the link to join the Telegram group.

How Do I Get Paid On Expertnaire? 

Expertnaire pays Affiliates every Friday, however, when you make a sale you are going to be paid on the second Friday after you made that sale. 

Payment is sent to your bank account. All you have to do is enter your bank information in the edit profile section at the top right corner of your affiliate dashboard.

It’s Friday, and I’ve Not Received My Expertnaire payment? 

In as much as Expertnaire payouts are made on Fridays of every week, you can only receive a payment of a sale after 7 days from the purchase date (which is one week).

What this means is that you shouldn’t expect to be paid for a sale you got on a Thursday on Friday, the next day -which is the payout day.

The commission would be ready for Payout 7 days after the payment was made (most affiliate marketing platforms pay you 30 days after the purchase of a product/service from your affiliate link, but Expertnaire pays you 7 days against 30 days).

To make this easier and clearer, from the screenshot below, Expertnaire developed a simple dashboard where you can see All Time Sale, All Time Earnings, Account Balance, and Next Payout. I’ll explain this and what they stand for.

expertnaire dashboard

All Time Sale: In this section, you’ll see the numbers of successful sales you’ve made on the Expertnaire marketing platform.

All Time Earnings: Under this section, you’ll see all the commissions you’ve earned from your sales on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform.

Account Balance: This is where you see the commissions you’ve gotten that are not ready to be paid out yet. I’m referring to the commissions that are less than 7 days from the purchase date -the day the sale was recorded.

Next Payout: This is where you see the commissions you’ve made, that are more than 7 days and ready to be paid out to your bank account.

How Do You Make Money on Expertnaire?

how to make money online with expertnaire

There are 3 basic ways to make money on Expertnaire, and they are as follows:

1. Product promotion as an affiliate

You can achieve this by recommending products to prospective customers on Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.

This will enable you to drive more traffic and make profits through your affiliate link. Running paid ads can help you get more sales too.

2. Become a Vendor 

This is as simple as selling your products on Expertnaire. When you list your products on Expertnaire, affiliates can promote your product and earn a commission from each product sold.

You make money, the affiliate makes money, the customers get what they want, everyone goes home happy.

3. Refer people to the join Expertnaire Affiliate Network. 

When you tell people about Expertnaire and they join the Expertnaire marketing platform using your affiliate link, Expertnaire pays you a 30% Commission per person referred. 

To make you understand this, the Expertanire affiliate registration fee is ₦10,000, and for every affiliate that registers on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform with your affiliate link, Expertanire pays you ₦3,000 (which is 30% of the registration fee.)

This is what the affiliate link looks like: It’s not hidden. You see it immediately you log in to your affiliate account.

What Is Expertnaire Affilaite Link?

An Expertnaire affiliate referral link/URL is the URL Expertnaire affiliates use to promote the products of the Vendors on the platform.

It has the affiliate ID appended to the URL so every purchase can be tracked when a customer buys a product from your link.

How to Choose Products to Promote on Expertnaire

The beautiful thing about Expertnaire is that you don’t have to individually request for Vendors to approve you to promote their products. 

The steps below explain how you can get access to several products to promote,

Step 1: Click here to log in to your dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Product Marketplace

Step 3: Click on View Affiliate Links

Step 4: Copt the affiliate link and share.

copyexpartnaire affiliate link

How Do You Decide Which Products to Promote?

When it comes to promoting a product, there are little factors you need to put in place to guide your decision.

1. Audience

Products you promote are purchased by people. Without an audience or a loyal audience, getting sales can be difficult for you.

Before choosing a product to promote, you need to know the kind of audience you have and the nature of products that entice them.

If you don’t have an audience that sees you as someone they can trust or rely on when it comes to Cryptocurrency, you may want ti to stay away from promoting Cryptocurrency products.

It’s as simple as that. Focus on products you have an audience or can build an audience around it. While building your audience endeavor to educate your audience before you sell.

2. Product Niche

I know about people who have values they don’t want to break. In as much as your values won’t pay the bills, you need to make sure the product you are promoting is something that resonates well with you your personality.

If you can, purchase the product and give your review about it before recommending the product to others. Apart from that, there are product niches that may be hard for you to get consistent sales.

Before you choose a product niche you want to promote, endeavor to do your background check to confirm if the product is something people would be willing to purchase or a product that would make you as much money as you want.

3. Commission

The commission you earn per sale affects how much money you can make, and as well boosts your confidence to do more. Some people find it difficult to hit ₦500k months.

If you check clearly, you will discover that they are promoting a product that is low-priced or has lower commissions per sale. If you want the big boys’ money, you have to play it the big boys play it.

How to Sell Your Products on Expertnaire

How to Sell Your Products on Expertnaire

There are two ways to sell and list your products on Expertnaire, and I explain in detail below.

How to List Your Products on Expertnaire (for new Vendors or Sellers)

To list your products on the Expertnaire as a vendor, you need to read their terms and conditions about being a Vendor on the Expertnaire platform. Click here to read their terms and conditions.

After reading their terms and conditions and you are satisfied with it, the next thing is to send the details of the product you want to list on the Expertnaire platform for approval.

Please make sure that the product you are listing is owned by you. They do not allow vendors to list products they have resale rights to or any product they don’t originally own.

Getting Approval for Your Products on Expertnaire

To get your products approved on Expertnaire as a vendor, you need to make sure you provide the right information. At the time of this writing, the details below are all you need to send to them.

Step 1: The link to your product’s sales page (please make sure your product’s sales page is ready before sending it for approval because they can’t list a product without a live sales page. You can also hire a good copywriter to create the sales copy for your product if you can’t do it).

Step 2: Provide access to how your product can be delivered after payment is made by the customers, so they can verify if it is simple enough for buyers and also check out for the product quality.

Step 3: Specify the percentage you want to pay affiliates for every sale. (There is competition and affiliates often go for products with the best commission. Have that in mind when deciding the cost and percentage commission of your products.)

Step 4: Provide your customer support information. This is where the buyers of your product can easily reach your support team provided they have any issue with your product.

Send the details above to vendors[at] with the subject line – Request For New Vendor Application. 

How to Register as a Vendor on Expertnaire 

The moment your product is approved, you can now create a vendor account. This Expertnaire vendor account is to help you in tracking your product sales. The vendor registration fee at Expertnaire at the time of this writing is a non-refundable fee of ₦25,000/year.

Click here to register as a vendor on the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform.

How to List Your Products on Expertnaire (for Registered Vendors or Sellers)

To get your new products listed on Expertnaire, you need to send the details about the new product following the steps below.

Step 1: The link to your product’s sales page (please make sure your product’s sales page is ready before sending it for approval because they can’t list a product without a live sales page. You can also hire a good copywriter to create the sales copy for your product if you can’t do it).

Step 2: Provide access to how your product can be delivered after payment is made, so they can verify if it is simple enough for buyers and also check out for the product quality.

Step 3: The percentage you want to pay affiliates for every sale. (There is competition and affiliates often go for products with the best commission. Have that in mind when deciding the cost and percentage commission of your products.)

Send the details above to vendors[at] with the subject line – Request For New Product Registration.

The moment your product is approved, they will set up a sales page for your new product on Expertnaire, and make it available to affiliates for promotion.

Final Words

If you want to leverage other people’s products to create an income for yourself without going through the hassle of creating a product from scratch, Expertnaire as an affiliate program platform is here to help you. You can make as much money as you want, helping other people solve their daily problems by recommending the right products to them.

>>> Click HERE to sign up as an ordinary affiliate for ₦10,000 <<<

>>> Click HERE to sign up with the 72IG Program (with a 2-year FREE ACCESS) <<<

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