We have a Facebook group where we help purpose driven writers understand writing extra carefully and lead them through its hot tracks.

In this group, we have several experts ranging from fiction writing, non-fiction writing, freelance writing, blogging and more related to writing who help to boost the write life of others who hunger and taste for growth.

Some time last week, a member who just joined the group was very curios to 1. learn how to write and articularly express her thoughts 2. Understand the technical know how of how to fall in love with writing.

Last two days I explained in full how you can articularly express your thoughts in 6 different ways with its benefits. In the post you will learn:

  • What  it means to express yourself
  • How to get the odd feeling off your mind
  • How to express yourself by exercising
  • How to write down exactly what you feel
  • How to picture the stage of writing
  • How to align your words with the moving trend
  • How to allow writing come natural to you and
  • The benefits of expressing yourself

NB: You can read the full post here.

However, a few weeks back I also explained 10 practical ways to write a book. And, you must not fail to note that the worst thing you can do as a writer is to start writing without studying.

The reason is because if you can’t tell the difference between something good and bad you cannot improve your writing.

Today, I’ll focus on showing you how to fall in love with writing.

Getting Back Into Creative Writing Today

There are many types of writing, from fiction writing to non fiction writing. This post will show you  how to love writing, starting from the most important factor – YOU.

Before you fall in love with writing, you have to love yourself, first. And, learning to love yourself means appreciating the ability you have  within you to write. As a writer, you have many attributes that are unique to you.

Now, what do you do with those attributes? Learn to appreciate your personal nature and what you can offer as an individual. One of the reasons why you find it hard to love yourself could be that you lack the right details within you. Details here talks about carrying the right information.

Don’t hesitate to build yourself up, if you have problems loving yourself. Working on yourself requires building the confidence to write, leaving the past and moving forward. I know it’s easy to get attached to the stories you write, and thus unable to see the writing mistakes you make.

However, if you are able to see the mistakes you make get unmotivated and quit writing, which would be a pity. So, it’s better to start loving yourself so you can be able to write and deliver by doing less.

I published my first book in 2015 and have been a writer for a while now (and I define a writer as someone who writes), and I can attest to you that you can fall in love with writing.

1.Care for people (or others)

You will learn to take care of others if you follow me. Remember, your ability to take care of others increases if you are adequately taking care of yourself.

And, you can’t take good care of something you don’t love. This means, to fall in love with writing – you need to fall in love with others.

If you fall in love with humanity, you will want to see that they succeed. Don’t let people become the last priority; instead, do things to show that you care. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

You have friends who finds it difficult to meet their goals and you’ve been in such shoes before and succeeded. Why hesitate to help them meet their goals when you know you can do that by simply picking a pen and write?

Being happy is part of showing love to people. Create a state of happiness by doing things that make you and others feel good. Write things that make your  mind, emotions, and spirit feel good. Falling in  largely in love with writing depends on putting in the effort to make your life more positive.

2.Get addicted to writing

One of the important thing with writing is that it is necessary to begin at the beginning; you can start writing when you feel confident.

You might, such as, begin by defining or explaining how you failed and passed your exams, how you became super successful by doing less and more. Once you create this mindset, you move on to explaining why and how you succeeded.

Writing addiction is one of the things I so much love. Because being addicted to writing is everything. This is true especially when you want to do and have that professional feel. To fall in love with writing it requires a different mindset. In the world of non writers, it’s OK to be half-committed or to not care if you only do your writing once a week or once a month.

The higher level of falling in love with writing requires you to go DEEP, DEEP and DEEP. To be fully committed to write and write well. When you create a success writing mindset, you’ll be in a better place to fall in love with doing it.

3. Master the writing business

Whether you want to make money writing or not, you have to master it. However, I’d say this to you : it is not really possible (and easy) to master writing because there’s always something new to learn. What’s trending today may not be relevant tomorrow.

But if you want to fall in love with writing novels, such as, you need to master the profession of writing novels. Even if you want to be a paid guest of freelance writer, you need to master the activity of pitching and writing articles. If you want to be a professional blogger, you must want to master the required blogging skills to succeed and stay relevant.

4. Do away with the odd believe

Falling in love with writing requires a lot of back-end work. This is so because 100% of your limitations are going to come from falling. You maybe someone who have an old belief that says, “I’m not a good writer.”

As someone who doesn’t want to fall in love with writing that’s fine.  But as a writer who want to fall in love with writing, “I’m not good writer” is a destiny killer.

You have to skip that belief and confess something that supports how much you want to fall in love with your writing. Try confessing things like, like: “I am a good writer” or “I can do fall in love with writing.” The word is simple, but, very powerful.

When you fall in love with something, you can’t have limitations. Here, you have to give yourself permission to fall and in full you must fall.

Now, sit down and make a list of the odd beliefs you now carry that cannot help you to keep up the stand of falling in love with writing.

5. Take a step to fall

When it comes to falling in love with writing, what you believe will define the actions you take (or don’t take). Most writers don’t take enough (or the right) actions because they have limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

I already showed you how you can hijack the limiting belief in point 4. If you haven’t done that yet, falling in love with writing can be a daunting task for you.

To fully fall you have to become a writer (again). How? You need to turn a pro, find a voice and write for yourself. Writing for yourself means pursuing your passion. Now, you should answer the question: what you are passionate about when it comes to writing.

How To Start Writing Again After Years


Write abnd publsh your book online

To become a writing pro you have to go all the way and actually publish something. Your writing needs to be available for the world to see (and buy). Otherwise you’ll never be able to call yourself a pro. So, now’s the time if you haven’t gone all the way and actually finished a writing project and put it out into the world

Why should you become a published author? It is super important to be!

How do you start? Surround yourself with like-minded Pro Writers. The reason is if you want to be a successful pro writer, you have to surround yourself with other people who already are pro writers or those who are committed to being pro writers. Simple as that, Isn’t it?

When I started writing years ago, I was chasing numbers, not people. I thought like a pollster, not someone starting a conversation. While I did this – I failed.

If you fall out of love with audience approval and embrace the calling of writing, something amazing will probably happen: people will be attracted to your work. They can’t help it; passion is contagious. While you fall in love with writing, people will want to hear what you have to say.

But you need more than an audience. You need a community.

See Best Facebook Groups For Writers To Join For Writing Excellence

Writers can get away with being part of writer’s groups where no one has gone pro and everyone still has excuses and limited beliefs getting in the way. But, this is not an option for pro writers.

If you want to become a pro who already has fallen in love with writing, you need to spend more time with pro writers. I mean those who are committed and in less time you’ll be a pro writer too.

Now before anyone gets it wrong, let me just say this: there is nothing wrong with not wanting to make money from your writing. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with writing forever.

The real deal lies in what you want for your life and your writing. If you don’t care about falling in love with writing or making money by writing, that’s cool. Just keep writing.

But, to make money writing and never feel like stopping you have to fall in love with it. To fall in love, you need to be addicted to writing.


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  • Ryan Biddulph
    Posted at 4:40 PM 0Likes

    Love this advice Prince. I do care for others, more and more over the years. Like I went from thinking only about myself toward thinking about and caring for others through my writing. Addicted to writing? Guilty as charged. I write like the dickens. Daily. Fun stuff! If you want to start a love affair with writing, churn out 500 to 1000 words daily at least, for practice. I write thousands of words daily because my guest posts and blog comments, and between forum and Quora responses. Such a blast.

    • Posted at 6:27 PM 0Likes

      Hi Ryan,

      It’s good to know you care for others. I have always believed you can write, write, write and write.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Have a great day, Ryan.
      ~ Prince.

  • Awogor Matthew
    Posted at 8:28 PM 0Likes

    Hi Prince, this is such a big boom brand you have open here.
    Your article are such good and informative to look at twice.

    Writing is such an amazing skill that cannot be found on an ordinary people.

    People think writing a blog post is the same as writing an ordinary Facebook post….but they is more to it. I wish that I improve my writing skills with this your great writing.


    • Posted at 6:32 PM 0Likes

      Hi Mat,

      Writing is such an amazing skill. Thanks for reading.

      Have a great day.
      ~ Prince.

  • Prosper Noah
    Posted at 11:04 PM 0Likes

    Great guide buddy,
    Writing is something I’ve loved right from time. I’d say its become a part of me.

    From writing in school, to writing online to impacting lives is such a great achievement.

    It all takes practice to Master the art of writing anyone definitely can fall in love with writing following the tips you’ve shared here.

    • Posted at 3:05 PM 0Likes

      Hi Prosper,

      Writing is such an awesome skill to learn and practice. Unfortunately, the school system doesn’t raise good writers teaching them the do’s and dont’s.

      We learn by patience and practice. This has been what has made writers who people think they were born writers. Great writers are responsible people who has taken the job of writing as a responsibility.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. Enjoy the day, Prosper.
      ~ Prince.

  • Posted at 6:27 AM 0Likes

    Thanks for reading, Geek.

  • Donna Merrill
    Posted at 11:45 PM 0Likes

    Hi Prince,
    Caring for others has to be the number one thing when writing. I came into the internet business because I do care so much for others and my real goal is to help others learn and take action on their “dreams” because dreams can become a reality. But it does take work lol.
    Writing is something I’ve been doing for years. I started my off line business many years ago by writing books back in the day before the internet. Self publishing and getting a good list was so profitable.

    • Posted at 2:10 AM 0Likes

      Hi Dona,

      Glad to have you here. Caring for others does take work as you rightly said. However, if people can do that consistently, with time, a ‘strong’ rapport will be built between the ‘writer’ and the ‘reader’.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      – Prince.

  • Kamran
    Posted at 6:02 PM 0Likes

    Hi Prince,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, and I’m really inspired with your articles here. I believe that one day I will write a book and fall in love with writing following the tips here.

    So, thank you once again for the motivation.
    – Kamran.

  • Nzekwe Godswill
    Posted at 9:36 PM 0Likes

    This is my first visit on this website and I really found some amazing information here.

    You have shared some quality information on this place. I’m looking forward to gain more knowledge from this website.

    Thanks for sharing them..!!

  • Adebayo
    Posted at 9:53 PM 0Likes

    Writing is something I’ve loved right from time. I’d say its become a part of me.

  • Adeyeye Oluwadarasimi
    Posted at 11:12 AM 0Likes

    Thanks for this Prince Akwarendu. For me, I write fictions and motivations. But I think I have not gotten how to place them well and how to make money with it.

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