Effective Ways For Writers To Feed Their Mind

Ways To Increase The Power Of Your Mind

Effective Ways For Writers To Feed Their Mind

Feed your mind writers. You’ll learn how to feed your mind with the right content and the simple ways to increase your brain power.

A few weeks ago I was discussing with a Facebook friend and something caught my attention.  I liked the way she expressed her thoughts about how she has been working on feeding her mind with the right things that it needs to remain positive and active.

While discussing we dealt with our personal lifestyles and more. It was one of the best emotional chat I’ve had with someone in a while.

The discussion moved fast and I learn my life lessons. I was very curious to share my thoughts on how to feed our minds the right way.

This led to my guest article on EFR International on Feeding Your Mind With The Right Content where I made justice to our emotions and mind via writing excellently.

I needed to clear the ground that it is very easy to let negative emotions and thinking to consume us as individuals.

We are never perfect, won’t be anytime soon.

In today’s post, I’ll expand more on building and staying fit after feeding your mind with the right content it needs to last longer and be strong.

I believe, after reading this, that you start to develop your mind to stay fit and strong for the rest of your life. Because for you to give in for change, you must decide to change. 

One of my major concerns today is that a lot of people feed their mind with TV shows. TV Shows is like the fast food industry. 

I am not saying we can’t learn from television, but the majority of what is displayed on television is not of educational value or will not positively influence our thought.

Do you know that your mind will always believe everything you tell it?

  • If you feed it with love, it believes it.
  • If you feed it with hatred, it believes it.
  • If you feed it with truth, it believes it.

One crucial thing to note about your mindset is that if you don’t know the right value and worth, someone else may use it to work against you. 

The simplicity of feeding your mind with the right content is that if done rightly, everything works all for good and how you want it. 

The mind should be fed same way you feed your stomach when you are hungry.

The question is, how do you stay fit after feeding your mind with the right content?

One of the reverse strategies to developing the mindset of someone who wants to help others grow or recover from many of life’s issues is dependent upon how much love you have within. 

In other words, the less you love yourself, the less love you have to spread to those around you. This inner love is expressed in terms of how well you look after your health by choosing the right foods at the right time, and by how much you feed your mind with a healthy dose of what is good and positive

Your Appetite To Stay Fit

When you see a snack on the streets and you feel like having it what triggers the want to eat it? Appetite.

It all begins from your appetite.

Because of the want to have it stay fit pushes you toward taking the necessary steps to allow it stay fit.

That is if you learn how to feed your thoughts with positive energy, then, the stronger it grows. If you hunger and taste for a strong mindset, working towards having one, you will.  

'What you feed your mind determines your appetite' - Tom ZiglarClick To Tweet

To have what you fed your mind stay fit, it is in direct proportion to how much love you can extend to others. You love yourself, right?

The logic is simple and easy to understand. For instance, the more fine contents you fill your mind, the more your mind is strengthened to last long.

There is a lot of information today available through a variety of mediums – Social Media, Mastermind Groups and Communities (both offline and online) and more. I urge you to make a wise decision from today.

Giving In Negative Thoughts

I must not fail to tell you that you are what you read, watch, listen and spend time doing. The books you read has a direct reflection on the way you perceive others and do things.

Failure is a state of the mind. If you feed your minds with optimism and possibility, the door to failure may be hindered.

If your mind is full of negative thoughts, they bother you all the time. But you can change them very easily. Never talk about the bad, focus on the good to lead and live a positive life.

“Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one sitting. It needs continual and regular top ups” – Peter Davies

Negative thought is an important ingredient to feed your mind with if you must fail. Imagine if you filled your mind every day with one positive thought what you would have learned in a year.

Education is a continuous process. It does not stop when you finish school. Once you are living, you’ll continue learning (whether good or bad) till the day death visits.

Sharing Your Knowledge

One thing I realized a few years ago is a reflection of what I still do today. It is a desire to share what I have learned with those who are willing to learn.

Sharing your knowledge is one of the greatest gifts a person can give. The interesting part of sharing what you know is, as you teach, you will find yourself learning.  

'Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.' - Dalai LamaClick To Tweet

This is one of the core reasons why I like life. Life is meant to be lived, to explore, to learn and to share to the willing.

Don’t bother yourself with those who aren’t willing to learn. Because not everyone wants to learn or to increase their knowledge. Go with those who are ready and help them explore their talents.

Choose To Stay Fit

You are never a perfect human. Maybe you can’t change the weather of the area you live in. Maybe you can’t change the world’s economic and political situation.

It is possible that you can’t change everything. The menu list shouldn’t be crafted from the things you cannot change. Everyone one of us has a chance to keep learning, it is a choice.

'An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.' - Benjamin FranklinClick To Tweet

Truth is, there are a lot of things you can’t change, even if you spend millions of dollars, and even if you have the strongest army in the world. But, there is something you can change and make it better and stronger every day.

It is a tool that changing it, changes your life—your Mind. You can program your mind to have good and positive thoughts always. You can do the opposite, too. It all begins with you.


Learning how to learn is one of the things I am most interested in. You may never grow until you share what you know.

From experiences, we build up ourselves to do more and greater things the next time. There is no super-human on earth.

Everyone is just a human who learned something. You can do better than others did.

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