How Often Do You Credit Fellow Bloggers?


How Often Do You Credit Fellow Bloggers?

One secret of blogging success involves crediting fellow bloggers for help fellow bloggers offered to you.

Connected bloggers do the best job giving credit to fellow bloggers where credit is due.

Sazzadul at Blog CD gave me a platform for helping bloggers. I shout him out because he generously helped me.

Mudassir at Blogging Explained gave me a podium for spreading the blogging word, too. I happily promote him and his blog for he helped me freely for a long time.

Putting the spotlight on other bloggers actually shines the spotlight on you but in indirect fashion. Promoting other bloggers puts the focus on them but as more appreciative bloggers you promote decide to promote you, your blog and online business gains exposure. If Sazzadul and Mudassir share this post or leave a blog comment below we all stand to gain more blogging exposure. We all win. Genuinely, a rising tide lifts all ships.

Help fellow bloggers. Give them credit. Observe blogging teamwork in action. Help bloggers but release expectations. I expect nothing out of my blogging buddies. I am happy to help my friends. But releasing expectations yields a magical effect based on the principle of detachment. Being detached from some outcome allows the outcome to manifest. The moment you cease trying to control someone or some outcome the outcome seems to come into form without meddling, manipulating or forcing.

In essence, take care of others without trying to manipulate them and other people will take care of you. Everything flows to connected bloggers because connected bloggers helped fellow bloggers for a long time through different channels from an energy of detachment. Note bloggers who engage in blogger outreach freely. Observe how generous bloggers seem to give fellow bloggers credit early and often. Generous bloggers seem to get credit tossed their way freely based on helping fellow bloggers without trying to squeeze anything out of the bloggers.

Pay close attention to connected bloggers. Follow their lead. Give credit via:

  • link mentions
  • guest post invites
  • genuine comments published on fellow blogger’s blogs
  • retweets
  • Facebook shares
  • LinkedIn shares

Share blogger’s content. Release expectations. Observe success flow your way.

Giving credit goes deeper than tossing out a backlink here and there. Literally travel back in your mind to identify and spotlight bloggers who gave you ideas for:

  • eBooks
  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • courses
  • services

Donna Merrill gave me the idea to write an eBook detailing how to navigate a chaotic social media world.

I wrote and self-published the eBook:

How to Stay Connected Online in a Volatile Social Media World

Giving Donna credit through a mention and backlink is the right thing to do because she gave me the idea. Literally, I never thought of the idea until she placed the idea out there for me to consider. I felt good mentioning her and linking to her through this basis as a vivid example of bonds that form between bloggers who give fellow bloggers credit.

This journey gets easier, easier and easier if you give fellow bloggers credit, links and exposure because all the blogging buddies you make grow your blogging presence exponentially. Blogging becomes highly difficult if not impossible if you try to do it solo because in a world of powerful, connected bloggers, lone wolves almost always remain powerless, going solo.

Never try to blog based solely on your own steam. Failure follows. While you write and publish posts on your blog without involving anyone else, nobody reads because nobody cares. Meanwhile, connected bloggers who use teamwork to spotlight fellow bloggers influence their blogger buddy network to spread their word around the clock.

Imagine going to sleep at night and waking up to 20 retweets of your posts by your blogging buddies?

Get connected to amplify your reach exponentially.

Give credit where credit is due.

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