How Often Do You Write?


How Often Do You Write?

Think about how often you genuinely write. I mean, sitting down in front of a laptop and typing. Stop lying to yourself. Be straight up with yourself. No one becomes skilled by being dishonest about their writing effort.

I spend a good 3-4 hours writing daily. Sometimes I write more. Minimum, I hit at least 3600 words daily – that would be six, 600 word blog posts – but inflate that number a bit because I comment, chat and find myself writing in emails, too. Yep; email writing is still writing practice. Don’t get it twisted. Writing is writing. But not writing is not writing. How much do you write daily? More than that, how often do you write? Daily? Weekly? Once every 2 days? Less often? Writers write. Bloggers write. Self-published authors write. Everyone else gives little time to writing.

Writing is repetition. Do you want to be a writer? Write your butt off. Practicing, publishing, whatever. Aim for 1000 words daily for starters. Work your way up from there. Think about the basic law of life: where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to writing and writing will be good to you as far as your skills, your exposure and your credibility. Be committed when you do not feel like writing. Grind it out a little bit. Nudge a little more outside of your comfort zone to give your attention and energy to blogging. Be diligent. Get after it. Write, write and write some more. But being all in requires some serious discomfort at times. I have been writing 5-6 posts daily between my blog and guest posts. I change tempo when my neck gets stiff, I take more naps and hell, I train for this writing bit. I spend up to 3 hours daily – sometimes 4 – doing yin yoga, doing Kriya yoga, meditating, power walking and I even take a short ice shower, too. Big time training ya gotta do to get big time writing results, or to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Commit, guys. Keep writing. Even if it feels uncomfortable to get in writing daily, make sure you take the time to write at least 500 words every single day to create success momentum. Remember the energy thing; where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to blogging, to writing, daily, and your success momentum will grow slowly and steadily over time. Keep building your writing mojo. A neat thing happens; writing gets easier and easier and easier. The other day, I wrote 65 words in 63 minutes. The kicker? I had my eyes closed. Muscle memory sets in after some serious repetition. While other writers struggle like Hades to write 2000 words over 4 days, editing, re-editing, and tweaking, running into blocks, you write and publish 6-7, 600 word blog posts daily. I did this the other day. I churned out seven, 600 word blog posts. 1 post on Blogging From Paradise and 6 guest posts, all in one day. How? I wrote my rear end off for years to develop this writing skill to semi epic proportions.

Everything changes the moment you commit fully to writing but you need to write daily to reach these levels of writing skill.


Do you feel a bit scared to write your first eBook? I sat in that very nervous boat not too too long ago. I explained away why I would not write the thing. Lots of limiting beliefs there. But someone goaded me to dive into the self-publishing game back when I was in India, in 2013. I never looked back, and ran with it, writing and self-publishing 100 plus eBooks.

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