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How Quickly Do You Release? - World Writers Hub

I unpublished 2 eBooks of mine a few moments ago.

Both worked well years ago. But times change. People change. I possess a different perspective on both topics right now. Explanations do not seem to be important but I will dive in to give you a better idea of why I did what I did.

One of the eBook listed 27 influential bloggers I deemed to the influential at the time. But that was six years ago. I cannot honestly say every single blogger is influential to my current day eyes because I got clearer and experienced greater success. Natural process. Since I do not feel clear on saying all 27 bloggers are influential I simply unpublished the eBook from Amazon.

Make no mistakes about it. A fair number of bloggers in the eBook are influential and all the bloggers are successful in their own right. But the blogger I am today is light years ahead of the blogger I was in 2014 in certain regards. Knowing this, being clear and acting with credibility demands that I unpublish the eBook.

Ditto for a colorful read detailing my exploits in Bangkok, Thailand. Two ladyboy street walkers accosted me during a morning walk to the local store in Bangkok about eight years ago. I wrote and self-published an eBook on Amazon linking the harrowing experience and 7 blogging lesson.

Although I kept it extremely light, respectful and entertaining, I now know after spending two years in Thailand on and off how such an eBook could be disrespectful to Thai people. Even though my intent came from the heart and I possessed zero malice, I know the face-saving way of the Thai people. No worries. I simply unpublished the eBook because I would rather not run into any resistance curing future trips to Thailand.

As I become a little more well-known, I pop up on the radar screen just a wee bit more. I care not to annoy the Thai government with a light-hearted eBook that could very well be an affront to their face saving waves. Knowing this, I release the eBook willingly without any resistance.

Why? I quickly let go what needs to go for me to feel clear, confident and relaxed about my blogging campaign. No way would I feel good about each book these days. Some of the bloggers are influential. Some are not influential in my current day eyes. I need to be honest about that to blog with integrity versus just wanting to make a few more eBook sales.

Ditto for My Thai ladyboy and blogging eBook. Being the person I am today, I do not feel clear on selling the eBook. No worries. I have over a hundred and twenty eBooks on Amazon for your buying, reading and learning pleasure.

Develop the same posture to accelerate your blogging success. People change. Things change. Perspectives change. Observe work you did 5 to 10 years ago. Chuckle at it. Did you see how you’ve grown? Would you take content you created 10 years ago and self-publish it as an eBook without a single edit? Of course not. You are a different writer.

You are 10 years more skilled. Picture the thousands of writing practice hours you put in over the past decade. How could you feel clear, confident and comfortable self-publishing something and charge money for it if you have 10 extra years of experience now and if you did not create quality content during those days? Maybe you did churn out value back then; the eBook seems to be good now.

Maybe you can gain clarity in self-publishing low quality content but few people live in that world. Most professionals let go earlier work that doesn’t reflect their current day clarity. But in the same breath, if the quality rocks still and the content is evergreen you don’t have to release it. Your choice.

I wrote most of my eBooks 5 to 6 years ago. My writing game was as tight back then as it is now. This means that the eBooks will be quality reads forever unless blogging goes out of style.

I may be a clearer writer now but the eBooks are good money because I could write back in those days. But I had to release the 2 eBooks today based on the content in the eBooks and what I’ve learned over the years.

Be quick to release to accelerate your blogging success.


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