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How to Be a Pro Blogger Before Becoming a Pro Blogger - World Writers Hub

My most pivotal blogging victories occurred well before I became a pro.

My first guest post, my first authentic comment on a top blog, my first feature on a top blog, my first dollar made through blogging.

If you find blogging tough right now you likely look to the tea leaves for a grand home run. A sonic blast. A sign from the skies, or some massive breakthrough.

I have news for you; it doesn’t work that way.

Becoming a professional blogger involves adopting the dominant energy of being a pro blogger plus doing as pro bloggers do before receiving any type of payday.

This makes most bloggers mentally or physically ill because people don’t have the stomach for being of generous service before pay checks arrive.

Most bloggers live in survival mode, begging each act to yield them a paycheck.



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7 Tips to Become a Professional Blogger Who Blogs from Paradise

You have to be the blogger to become the blogger.

Or you need to be the blogger who blogs from paradise before you become the blogger who blogs from paradise.

Do you know how many eBooks I sold when on an eBook blitz, writing and self-publishing one daily for 3 months straight while in Bali? Not many.

I sold some but barely had time to promote any of the eBooks. Too busy writing more eBooks.

After writing the first 1-2 eBooks most bloggers would have stopped writing in a terrified panic, trying to squeeze as many sales out of the 1-2 eBooks before going forward and writing the next eBook.

I knew better. Top bloggers behave abundantly, meaning I’d keep writing eBooks to serve my readers and not worrying about outcomes.

Or trying to squeeze sales through each eBook with a promo blitz before writing my next eBook 3-6 months down the road.

Being a pro blogger requires you to detach some from results before becoming a pro blogger.

I’d been a pro for years before my 90 eBook writing blitz yet had to detach from sales of eBooks during the stretch because I was too busy writing and working other blogging income streams to market the eBooks effectively.

Being a pro blogger requires you to:

  • act like a professional blogger before you make a dime through your blog
  • feel like a pro blogger before making a dime through your blog
  • learn and stud blogging
  • create helpful content and build bonds with top bloggers by promoting these influential bloggers without expecting anything in return

Follow the prior steps from the bullet point list for 6-12 months. You begin to get an idea of what it takes to be a pro and why few become pro bloggers.



Bloggers fear to give generously if they ain’t getting anything out of blog posts, guest posts, videos, eBooks, courses and other free and premium income streams.

I used to be afflicted by this malady but eventually felt the joy, happiness, peace of mind, fun and love of someone who blogs mainly because I felt passionate about blogging.

At that time, I saw money and traffic like extra’s or bonuses and the blogging work as the ultimate reward.

I’d dissolved the heavy fear that prevents bloggers from giving freely; the fear of not getting enough money from the attention and energy I gave to blogging.

I did learn the joy, passion, and fun of blogging almost exclusively for giving, or service, because over time I experienced how giving freely and expecting nothing in return – appreciating all my blogging activities – is incredibly freeing and prospering too.

You need to be before you become, no matter how uncomfortable the experience.

Have you followed sound fundamentals for the past 6 months yet have seen little business growth?

Good; you are on the way to succeeding. When you see the fun and joy of giving and think less and less of getting you to cultivate the level of detachment you must have to succeed online.


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