It’s been said and believed that for anyone to succeed quicker and avoid unnecessary mistakes that could be very costly, the person needs to get a coach or mentor.

From childhood, I’ve always loved writing. I wrote stories, awesome stories and I also wrote songs. As I grew into teen hood, I got crazier about writing. At that point I wrote more of inspirational.

I would write on the table mats, on the table itself and even on the walls. I’d write anywhere and anytime.

People thought I was crazy. As I write this now, I’m beginning to realize that they were right after all. I was amazingly crazy. I still am.

At 15, I wrote a book – a story book for teenagers but it never got published.

At 16, I knew so well, like, I know that I know that I know that I would be an author someday and then at 17 I started writing down book titles.

At 18, I found my purpose and became intentional with my life.

Everything about me changed and my life got better. I became more and more responsible and started taking responsibilities for my actions. When it comes to finding purpose, so many people lurk around in the dark trying to find exactly what their purpose is.

Truth is, to find purpose, one has to go back to his roots. Find out what you’ve always loved doing as a child. Somehow, you’ll notice that your purpose is related to something you’ve always loved doing.

The answer isn’t around you, it’s in you. That’s by the way, this article isn’t focused on purpose finding. It is to tell what being coached has done for me and what it can do for you.

I became friends with Prince Akwarandu, my coach, right on Facebook. I read every of his post and with time I got to know he’s authored several books. Then one day, he made a post about his decision to coach a few people who wants to increase their writing ability and skills. I saw the post and indicated interest and the relationship began.

He began coaching me exactly one year ago, April 8, 2017. And I must say that my life has never been the same. My writing skills has boosted beyond and above my imagination.

I’ve learned a few things just by reminiscing on the way my coaching program began. They are;

A. To Get Wherever We Want to get to, An Open Mind Is a Necessity

Be willing – always willing to unlearn all the knowledge you think are the best when you find better knowledge.
Some people stick to old and expired knowledge, they hold on to it and because their hands are on it, they never get hold of better knowledge even if the better knowledge stares them in the face.

I always knew I could write but I was willing to learn how to write better. I had to unlearn all the previous knowledge I had about writing.

I wanted to grow.

Be desperate about constant growth and the universe will make provisions for that.

B. Be Ready, Always Ready to Relearn

Our brains never forget occurrences. You may be unable to remember certain things at some point but your brain never forgets.

That’s why sometimes, something will lead you into remembering past deeds and things you thought you’ve forgotten.

Always get ready to relearn.

If you’re observant, you’d notice there are times when you read a book or an article or even listened to a podcast and then you begin to remember experiences you seem to have forgotten.

Or sometimes, you begin to see it from different perspectives.

You’d realize that you understand better, those things you thought you know.

C. Give All you Can to Learn

If I wasn’t ready to learn, I’m quite sure he wouldn’t have agreed to coach me. Even if he does, I definitely won’t know as much as I’ve known.

Are you always ready to learn?

Wisdom comes to those who seek it.  Knowledge comes to those who find it.

A person who’s never ready to learn will become an all-time fool. So, if you’re always ready to learn, to unlearn and to relearn. If you keep your mind open and seek to know more, you’ll attract the right people who’ll make your life meaningful.

That was how I was able to attract Prince to coach me in writing. Now, I’ll be sharing with you all I’ve learnt in one year.

Getting a coach or mentor in your life has far-reaching effects on you than can be imagined. You’ll just sit one day and begin to realize that your life has so become very much better.

First off, I noticed my mistakes in writing.

I was always using the same heading for different articles. At that time, most of my articles were written for teenagers, so as a title, I’d always use the term “Dear Teen” to begin my writing.

I got to know through him that it was not right to keep using the same heading for different articles. The reason was because my audience will at a point get tired of seeing the same heading and that would affect the number of teenagers I’m able to reach through the post.

I changed that and my audience has kept growing and increasing. I’ve learnt to write better. I’ve learnt to express myself while writing. I’ve learnt to be emotional in writing, when needful.

I have learnt to communicate with my audience through writing. I’ve learnt that being real and open is one way to get to the heart of your audience. I’ve learned more than I can tell here. And every day I learn and become more.

Benefits I Got from the Coaching Program

1. I Was Stretched

Before the coaching began, I was terribly lazy. It was very difficult for me to write just 500-words at a stretch. In fact, it was something I never thought I could do.

When the coaching began, I started writing 800, 1000 and more words at a go. I started thinking deep because I had to think before writing.

I began writing with purpose. I knew what I wanted every post to do to my audience. The more I write with purpose, the more I’m able to write well. I was amazingly stretched but, I enjoyed it. It was beautiful breaking out of my comfort zone to do things I never believed I could do.

It was great breaking the limitations I’d unconsciously set for me. It was awesome breaking forth and watch the new me emerge into a better writer. It’s been one year of constant growth and I’m so excited.

2. I Was Given a Platform

I had to begin writing blog posts. My first blog post came as an assignment and I was expected to write at least 1,000 words. I began writing and when I submitted, it was only 500 plus words.

It wasn’t even up to 600-words.

Mehn, I was broken. I felt bad but I continued and at the end, I had written over 1,400 words. Sweet heavens, my joy knew no bound.

You know, I never believed I could do that. And after I was done, my first article was published on this blog which got over 88 social social shares and comments.

That opened the door for the several blog posts I’ve written. I got a platform to showcase my works to the world. I met new people. I learned new things. I became more and many lives got changed from reading my articles.

The journey has been great. Awesomely great and I love every part of it.

Sometimes, your blessings may come in disguise. You must learn never to take things just from the way they look on the outside. Be serious and try out new things. Always dare to do more just the way I dared to write more.

Break out from your comfort zone and be your best.

3. I Began Doing More in Less Time

There have been times when my coach would call and say things like “you’re to write on this or that and you’re expected to submit by tomorrow”. I had things to do. I had classes or events to attend but I’ll have to submit this assignment by morning.

At first, it was difficult for me. I felt writing should only be done when there’s enough time and when you’re comfortable. My feelings were so wrong because in the process I learned that I could write more in less time.

Writing became easier and I’m able to express my feeling through writing. It became a normal lifestyle and something usual with me.

Leaving your comfort zone is definitely not what anyone wants to do. Every person wants to remain comfortable but most times staying comfortable leads to being meaningless.

You just find out you’ve never stretched your brain muscle. And a muscle that’s never stretched stands the risk of being sagged.

So, never be afraid of doing more using less time.

  • Of stretching your brain muscle.
  • Of learning to work under pressure.

You may not have that person who pushes you to do the extra, it’s up to you to decide to do more. Push yourself, but not to a dangerous extent.

Stretch your muscle and go for more.

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