Writing As If You’ll Die Tomorrow

The mosquitoes woke me up from my bed. I tried to sleep for more two hours before writing this but they couldn’t let me.

I woke up with you in mind, not the mosquitoes.

Sounds pretty cool? Huh?

If you let me ask you one question before we dissect this post, the question would be:

What is the last thing you’ll love to write before you die?

Oh, yeah, I got you!

A lot of answers crept into your mind and you found it difficult to make the right choice of words. I know you are human and shouting at your face about death sucks.

No human being wants to die even those who are leaving as hell on earth. They’d say we better suffer on earth, but for dying, we don’t die soon.

While you maximize the time of “full-life” what kind of energy do you put to it?

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Are you Waiting to Write your Best?

A whole lot of people write books that never get published. For some, they found it difficult to complete the book and others waiting to write their best before they approach a publisher with their manuscript.

Waiting to write your best is not the best way to rise into significance as a writer. Growth is not a gradual but strategic process. You have to keep nurturing your writing talent with the supreme goal to best it.

As a writer, the best story I’ll ever write is the one I’ll write tomorrow. Don’t wait to write your best before you unlock the power of your creativity. Your best is not going to come until you write tomorrow and keep writing.

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Dieing for your Career

Your career isn’t about you – It is about others. It is about your service to humanity and your responsibility as an individual. There are men who can’t die for their career, are you among them?

OK, don’t get this twisted. Death in this scenario isn’t about the literal death. It is about going the extra mile to feed your mind on things that’ll be relevant to you and your followers.

Whether you are a published author or not, people are following you. They may not be among your close friends, however, there are those who have squatted to see your downfall.

Such people are followers but not the real ones. Proving the odd followers wrong and living your dream should be a driver of your success.

Don’t suppress or impress people. Instead relax, eat and digest the food that will give you the strength to keep running at your career. Writing is something you can do if you believe it is a possible thing to do. And, of course, it is possible.

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Building your Communication Style

I took a tough decision which has helped me to date since I left high school. I had friends and we communicated like we were bound to live forever.

We played together, ate together, fought at each other, smiled at each other and above all helped each other.

What was the decision I took that has helped me to date? The use of short words during communication.

After I left high school I took a decision to TYPE IN FULL even if I wanted to send a 200-word message to a friend, or someone.

This is something that wasn’t common in my grade of friends then. If you were in my shoes you’ll remember the messages like:

Wot did u eat last 9ite?”

“Hw z ur day goin?”

“Wen ar u goin bk 2 sckul?”

and many more.

I found myself in a circle of friends who didn’t know what the marketplace needs. People who haven’t researched and searched to know how to build relevant relationships with people, virtually or no.

I called the decision I made tough because I lost friends. Then, if anyone of them sent me a direct message on Facebook that appeared, for instance:

“Did u cum wit d pen, Prince?” I’d reply: if you really want to talk to me, TYPE IN FULL.

The message came soft to some people and harsh to others, but that’s okay. I didn’t let the loss of friends hurt me or make me change my decision because I knew what I was going into.

During that moment I noticed people who were ready for the transition. I got ignored and looked unserious when I sent such messages to most of the friends that stayed especially abroad, from another country.

I felt hurt and decided to think through. You may never pass the pain or have someone tell you this, however, building your communication style (whether the use of grammar or how you write) on time will determine how well you’ll end.

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Knowing What You Are In For

The decision I took to TYPE IN FULL was intentional. I wasn’t compelled to do so. Writing is not for lazy folks who find it difficult to unleash their idea on paper.

To some, they don’t know what to write about. And others have several topics to write about but find it hard to write.

I want you to know that you didn’t become a writer when you decided to add the phrase “I am a Writer” to your portfolio or intro on your social media channels.

You became a writer right from the day you started using crayon, moved to pencil and now with a pen. We have so many writers who haven’t taken it as a responsibility on themselves to write with the drive to help humanity – to save lives, relationships, marriage and what have you.

For you who have chosen to become a (real) writer, I hope you know what you are in for? And for you who is yet to make a choice to become a (real) writer, I hope you know what you are going into?

Good. Your answer is correct no matter how bad it sounds.

If writing is not something you cannot die for, you can stop the dream now. If you are willing to answer the call I want you to shout it loud not minding where you are now:

I’m a writer and I’ll die a writer!

Awesome. Do that again, again and again.

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The Use of Story

Storytelling is a skill every writer needs. If you wrote about an accident that happened when you visited the mall today, and it looks like scary and harsh incident. We all experience good and bad moments in life.

Remember this story you memorized as a song when you were a kid?

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are


When the blazing sun is gone

When he nothing shines upon

Then you show your little light

Twinkle, twinkle, all the night

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

How I wonder what you are

Do you remember how easy it was to shout it when the teacher asked you sing it? Hahahaha 🙂

There is a lot to explore your childhood memories. If you can travel back to those days you will find reasons to write every day.

If you love songs and hate writing, see writing as a song and the song as a feedback to what someone has already written.

Final Thoughts

Writing is life. Life is all about writing.Click To Tweet

The snacks you are eating someone wrote about it before it was manufactured. The devices you have at your place; the Television Set, radio, IPad, Android, and Laptop – someone wrote about it and planned it on paper before it spurred the content of its reality.

You are writing and writing is you.

Your Turn

What career are you pursuing right now? Is it something you can die for?

After answering the two questions above, answer the below:

If writing were to be a country which country will you be in?

Written by Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a writer, author, and blogger who can help you build a profitable writing career with his book Writing For Profits. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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