How to Increase Blogging Persistence and Consistency


How to Increase Blogging Persistence and Consistency

Do you give up at the drop of a blogging hat?

Do you stray off blogging topic early and often?

Stick around.

Following these tips boosts your blogging persistence and consistency.

Persistent bloggers keep blogging no matter what. Pros see the journey through. Consistent bloggers stay on topic, publishing posts related to a single niche to build their credibility in that area.

Persistent, consistent bloggers seem rare because most lack both qualities.

Follow these tips to be a persistent and consistent blogger.

Persistent, consistent bloggers reap the spoils of their persistence. Note the featured image for this post. My wife snapped it a few moments ago here in Panama. She saw a toucan – species called a collared aracari – outside of the living room window. But we only saw this spectacular-looking bird gaudily adorned because we consistently and persistently keep our eyes to the skies. We scan the property grounds every few minutes sometimes to see who might show up.

1: Know Why

Knowing why you blog and tying the reason to something fun and freeing goads you to keep blogging on a single topic.

I love fun. I love freedom. So, I blog persistently and consistently, to the best of my abilities. Bloggers who keep blogging do so from a sense of dogged persistence but seeking fun and freedom goads them to blog doggedly. Staying on topic also seems to be the by-product of blogging for fun and freedom.

2: Surround Yourself with Inspiring Bloggers

Observing inspired bloggers up close and personally goads you to keep blogging on a singular topic for a long time.

Watching a top pro like Anil Agarwal succeed for years – persisting and specializing – inspires you to follow his lead.

He proves that if you decide to specialize and keep blogging for the long haul you can experience great success as a professional blogger.

Follow pros. Befriend these leaders. Learn from consistent, persistent bloggers. Study their habits. Pay close attention to what drives these leaders. Note especially how top pros face all manner of obstacles like all bloggers. But seasoned veterans often face stronger resistance than most on their journey; this is why they became top pros!

3: Accept this Core Truth

Being a persistent blogger ain’t enough.

A decent chunk of bloggers blog persistently but never experience much worldly success. This is because being persistent only means you kept at blogging. Anybody can blog for a long time on multiple topics but doing so makes you deficient in the departments of credibility, specializing and expertise.

Blog consistently on one topic to become a specialist. The world makes room for specialists. Generalists do not command quite the same attention because jack of all trades types lose trust. Would you trust a lawyer who also delivered garbage and ran a pizza delivery business on the side? Although this sounds funny as an offline example of being an untrusted generalist, bloggers do this online quite a bit, running blogs covering 3, 5 or even 10 topics.

Understanding how one needs to be persistent AND consistent in covering a single topic regularly gets you into the proper frame of mine. Specializing has its benefits.

4: Beware Pushing Yourself Too Hard Too Fast

Newbie bloggers who push themselves too hard too fast burnout, fail and often quit, completely moving in the opposite direction of being persistent and consistent.

Be realistic. One needs to slowly and steadily prepare themselves for the long haul blogging journey. No one succeeds overnight. Being persistent and consistent are both skills that need to be patiently learned and honed.

Slow down, calm down and see the journey through one blogging baby step at a time.


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  1. Venkat Randa

    Hey Ryan, You nailed it very well.

    Yes, Surrounding with fellow helping bloggers is the key in blogging. We will get a lot of shout outs for our work.

    Thank you for bringing this awesome post. Keep post such valuable stuff.

    1. Will do brother.

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