6 Ways of Writing Blog Posts to Get More Readers

There are many writers who have the dream to become a freelancer, author or content writer. They can be writing for the website or guest blog, our own blog but the quality of the content is the main priority.

Content tells the state of mind of the writer, or what the organization is telling its customers or make the reader attractive. Therefore, the writers need to maintain certain things so that there is enough quality and the reader love it while reading them.

How to Increase your Blog Readers

Here are the six ways to write better contents or blogs posts and get more readers.

1. Doing Proper Research

The first and foremost important thing that is needed for the writer is to do a proper research of what they are writing. So, that the writer can express the ideas in a better way.

Doing a proper research improves the quality of the content and makes the reader understand what the writer is expressing in the article. Without a proper research, the quality of the article may reduce and make the reader bored while reading them.

2. Length and Quality

The length and quality of the article are like the two eyes in the website posting. Without them, the website or article has no meaning. Therefore, before writing the article need to be researched, analyzed and written clearly with good-cut grammars.

Length of the article also needs to be taken care of as not all readers like lengthy articles. Short to medium articles are to be preferred where the viewers can get the required information while going through them.

3. Promotion

In order to promote the content, the writer needs to select the proper tools and area for the promotion of the articles that were written by the writer.

Promotion is like selling the article in the market and making the viewer’s getting benefit from it. The writer can reach for other writer or bloggers where the content can be shared with others for the promotion purpose.

The individuals can also pay for the advertising to get viewers to the page. Hence, it is recommended to do proper promotion for the article so that it can attract a lot of viewers.

4. Change the Perspective

While doing the research there can be a various perspective on the articles. Writing the articles in a different manner will make the article outstanding amongst the other articles and increase the inflow for the website or the article.

It increases the chances of indirect publicity for the article and gaining the popularity among other articles. Writing a unique article makes the individual stand with one of the best writers and gives the individual to be successful in the respective field.

5. Keywords and Specific Points

For the article to reach the customer’s keywords play an important role. Therefore, the keywords need to be specific and designed in such a way that the customers can easily find the article.

Having a good keyword increases the visibility of the website on the search engine and increases the visitors to the website. Another key aspect while writing the article is to answer the specific point. That means to write the relevant things that keep the readers interested while reading them and answer the questions that are in the mind of the reader.

This makes the reader loyal to the website similar to that of the traditional customer experience.

6. Grammar and Spell

A good person with a quality content and well-written article that justifies the reader makes the best impression in the market.

Imagine if there are grammatical and spelling mistakes in the article then the reader will find it difficult to understand and read the article further. To avoid it, the article needs to be error free from both grammar and spellings.

You can use different tools to check the Grammar and spelling mistakes.


The above are the six steps or ways that the writer needs to keep in mind while writing the article. They make the article more visible and automatically increases the visitors to the website.

A good article will fetch fame and money to the writer. Therefore, to fulfill the dreams every writer needs to be very careful while writing the article and make the first impression as the best and get the desired success from it.

Written by Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a writer, author, and blogger who can help you build a profitable writing career with his book Writing For Profits. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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