How to Overcome Stress and Pressure This Year

How to Overcome Stress and Pressure This Year

One of the reasons why I’ve chosen to write about how to overcome stress and pressure this year is because this is the time of the year when many gets stressed and pressured.

You know, stress sets in because of unrealized goals and dreams. Stress sets in when people realize they are neck deep in debt and the year are already waving goodbye.

Stress sets in the moment you come face to face with the fact there isn’t enough fund for celebrating Christmas and the holiday.

So much stress to deal with… But what exactly does stress connote? When you hear the word “stress” or “pressure” what comes to your mind?

Probably, you are thinking that stress can only be when a person is severely tired. Just the way many thinks.

But, stress is way more than that.

Being anxious and unable to rest or be at peace can as well be referred to as Stress.

Pressure is the act of exerting a force on a person or thing.

No doubt, we all experience stress and pressure in our daily lives. We fight it every day, and maybe hope to eradicate it someday.

Truth is, you cannot totally overcome stress. We will at one time or the other feel stressed and pressured.

But, though we cannot get rid of this stress thing, we can ultimately reduce its effect on us. We can dominate and refuse to be stressed to a dangerous extent.

First off, I will like to classify stress in this context into two categories.

a. The self-imposed stress: that’s the stress we put on ourselves for certain reasons, consciously or unconsciously.

b. Environment imposed stress: that’s the pressure put on us by the society and family.

The stress which comes because some people expects us to do or be something.

In this article, I will be discussing four strong and proven ways in which you can remarkably reduce the effect of pressure on you.

If you have read this far, you deserve an award. But, what award can be better than what you stand to get in this article?

Please keep reading.

4 Ways You Can Manage Stress and Pressure

1. Think Through Thoughts

Most times, we tend to get carried away by assumptions and wants too. We assume that other people’s actions or inactions were because of us.

We assume everything, things we cannot proudly say we are sure of and then we allow all those thoughts make us feel bad.

We listen to all the side talks and we allow them to have an influence on our moods, causing pressure and stress on the top of the usual stress you have to go through daily.

For most people, after and during all these assumptions and anger, they become very less productive and bogged down.

They do themselves more harm than good because all they did was think and imagine what people did or did not do to and for them.

Learning to think through thoughts will help reduce the pressure that comes from assuming.

You think through thoughts by:

  • Putting yourself in other people’s shoes.
  • Talk to trusted and knowledgeable people, they’ll help open your mind to different and bigger ideas.
  • Write down your thoughts on paper. Writing eases pain and worries. So, by the time you’re done writing, you’ll be able to see clearly things you weren’t able to see the first time.
  • Talk to yourself: Self-talking can help reduce stress and pressure.

2. Learn to Say NO, When Necessary

Many, very many people go through a hell of pressure because they just can’t say no. They want to feel accepted by everyone and they end up doing things at their own expensive expense.

Putting on themselves stress, just because they weren’t able to say NO when they are supposed to.

You have friends who are extravagant spenders, you guys go shopping and they keep pressuring you to buy things you know you don’t really need. Sometimes, you sheepishly agree with their suggestions and then spend your money frugally.

By the time you get back home, you realize that you needed to pay important bills, you try to use your credit card but the bank tells you-you have almost nothing left in your account.

You sit back, regrets, depression, pressure, and stress comes in. You’ve just wasted your money because you wanted to appease some individuals.

That’s what happens when we refuse or find it difficult to say no. You get to spend our money, time, and resources unnecessarily.

Today, start practicing to say NO politely.

3. Worry Less, Act More

Often times, when we realize that we haven’t done enough and then there is this rush of adrenaline that sets in. We try to act and do but most times we end up worrying.

We worry about all the past months and years. We worry about things that didn’t go right. We worry and worry and forget to take action steps to better the next month or year.

To reduce pressure, reduce your worry time. You can possibly reduce your worry and increase your thinking time plus ability.

Thinking and worrying are two different things entirely.

Thinking brings positive change and improvement, worrying brings pressure, pain, and stress.

Worry less. Think and act more, you’ll chase stress far from you.

4. Think Positive, Be Grateful

A numerous number of people go into depression which comes from excess stress and pressure when they hit the rock. Sad things happen to everyone at different stages of their lives. We all get to that point in our lives when we become broken and rejected.

Being grateful and thinking positively can help you suppress stress and the pressure that comes with hard times. Gratitude releases hormones that trigger happiness and reduce pressure. You see, it’s very very important that we learn the art of gratefulness.

Being grateful to God and nature helps you stop worry and negative thinking. You then begin to see the positive side of all things.

Very importantly, gratefulness and positive thinking are key. Leverage on their powers.

Over To You

Have you ever been really stressed and pressured?

What steps did you take to overcome it?

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Written by Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a writer, author, and blogger who can help you build a profitable writing career with his book Writing For Profits. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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