Are you afraid of reading books and want to learn how to read books you are afraid of reading? I share practical tips that work to help you get started and finally overcome the fear of reading.

Every one of us has been there. You’ve hated one or two things in your life – eating cold pizza, licking purple ice cream, having chocolates for dinner, playing in the snow, keeping pets (e.g. cats) or watching horror movies.

One thing I hated the most when I was 6 was seeing horror movies. It pisses me off and most times lead to my shouting and crying. I couldn’t stand the emotions and artistic works of the editors embedded into such films until I was 13, especially at night.

Maybe I did hate it because I was a kid, however, it’s not the same today. Although the phobia of having the artificial demons get off my PCs screen to slap my face is still there on a lower scale, I’ve grown from watching it for fun to watching to learn, and more importantly to improve my writing and storytelling skills.

Your experience may not be like mine – watching horror movies – but reading books you hate. I love stating instances and teaching things from my own personal story because I believe it eases the stress of unbelief from some people.

Remember I said I hated seeing horror films. So, how do I cop the fear of seeing the films I hate when I want to see it? Simple. I do two things.

  • I see the film with a friend
  • Never see the film alone at night

These two ways do it for me. It can work for you if you are like me. What if I have no friend to see with me? Is that your question? Well, if you have none, get one.

I’ve bought some eBooks and hard cover books to read but they seem less appealing to me even when there are rants everywhere that the book is a good and worth the reading time.

 Friends talk about it on the media and shares stories of how it has helped them. I got a copy of the book, flipped the first, second and third page and I feel like I’ve made a huge mistake of my life – paying for what I think doesn’t worth my time and money only because I hate the first impression it gave.

Is that what you are experiencing right now? Wait in a bit.

It’s natural to hate things. You could have hated candies or chocolates if you never tried them at first. In fact, you could hate anything you think doesn’t worth your time or resources. After all, you’ve got one life and you need to spend it doing what you love and living your full potential.

The reason why you hate a book could be because you’ve not tried reading it for fun or to learn or because you’ve not created a chance to love the book.

Some people get attracted to each other and then they move to the stage of love. While some people create the moment of attraction and devote time to build the love.

Your hate for the book could be because you weren’t attracted to the book (maybe you got it through recommendation or for the fact that everyone is talking about it) and hence you couldn’t move up the ladder to love.

In such moment what do you do? Two things, again.

  • Create the moment of attraction and,
  • Build the love of the book

While this is easier said than done, I share how you can create the moment of attraction, and the proven steps to build your love for books.

The 2-Step Strategy to Create a Moment of Attraction for Books

1. Prepare for Attraction

In everything you venture into in life, the strategy is a crucial part of the success or failure of it. Preparation has never been a cause for failure. It rather cuts short the possibilities of failing.

It is for you to prepare for opportunities rather than wait for opportunities to call before you get ready to answer. Make yourself attractable – allow your heart to easily fall in love with books when it sees them.

As you do this, indirectly you are creating the moment and allowing yourself to love books. Even before this, there is something imperative which you need to do.

What is that you ask?

Keep your sense of identification hot alive, every moment, every day.

2. Have a Sense of Identification

When it is the due season to harvest, mark the time, go to the farm and harvest. The crops don’t harvest themselves. The planter (or any human) have to harvest the crops planted.

Books don’t force themselves on any man to be loved. It is something you go for, and then in the process, you grow in and with love. Always be sensible to books that will be of great help to your personal life or career.

Be alert to harvest good books when they come your way. Like the way opportunity rotates, good books do rotate too. Keeping your sense of identification alive allows the development of the sense of urgency.

When the sense of urgency is there, the want to have more books that will help you grow as an individual grows speedily. The most important thing here is not just the speed of growth – it is that you’ve been able to create the moment of attraction for books. 

3 Proven Steps to Build Your Love for Books

Loving books isn’t a big deal. It is a deal that leads to other big deals. You don’t get attracted to a guy or lady and fall in love immediately. Falling in love is a step-by-step process.

Building your love for books is a step-by-step process. From reading one book a day to reading two, three, and four… the chain continues. It is possible to build the love and very important to stay in love.

To love is to be human. To build your love for a book is intentional. Click To Tweet

How you know that you are ripe for success begins with the plans you’ve made before embarking on a journey. If at all you have no plan, you will fall into the plans of other people.

It is natural to feel pains one at a time. Pain doesn’t come for you to take drugs in return to heal the pressure. Pain comes to help you feel alive and see the reason to love.

1. Decide to Build

Building the love for books comes from the act of decision, not indecision. You must decide and then work towards the decision. You don’t build your love for books by keeping it right in your head. Write the vision down and make it clear.

Decide exactly what you want in every key area of your life. Start off by idealizing how reading a book you love will look like. Imagine that there are no limitations on what you can read, listen or buy.

Imagine that you have all the time and money, all the friends, all the education and experience that you need to buy any book you want for yourself or read any book with anyone.

Even when you don’t have a bookshelf, see yourself picking out books and reading from your shelve. Meet a carpenter or go to the supermarket and ask for the cost of owning a book shelve.

Any decision that isn’t followed up with real action dies off like the weed being exposed to the sun after it’s been uprooted. Don’t be or act like a weed, decide to stay in the building you choose to build.

2. Stay in the Building

There is a sense of relaxation that accompanies a house you laid the foundation than the house you bought even if it is with your money, and don’t know about how solid the foundation is.

So many building has collapsed due to the crackly or loose foundation. I know you wouldn’t love to buy a house to come home one day and see it has fallen. Nobody wants that, even a madman.

If you would appreciate living in the house you built without troubles or regrets, you need to build it with love and peace of the heart. You need to consciously build it with every energy you’ve got and possibly with the proper resources.

Consciously build your love for books from scratch and you’ll comfortably stay in the building without hurts or regrets. Invest your resources in securing quality trust books and you will find yourself happy ever after.

Choose to love books and when you do that you’ll find books dancing and happy when they lay on your palm. It is a law – do unto others what you want to be done to you. Love books and you’ll see them love you in return.

3. Keep Building

Some houses are renovated every six months, while some every twelvemonth, two, three or four years. The renovation is among the building process (the keep the house gallant) that involves replacing old inventions with new ones.

It is bad to build your love for books and watch the passion wax cold. Some writers write their first book and after that, they never write again. They now several years before bringing their writing career back to life.

The moment you plant the seed of love for books and it starts growing, don’t fail to water the field every morning to keep the leaves green and attracting. When you start getting too busy with other things leaving book reading aside, you may wake up one day to find it VERY difficult to discipline yourself to read a 35-page eBook.

One of the easiest ways to kill your mind is to stop feeding it with the proper mix of meals it needs for it to be able to unleash its FULL potentials. Keep building your loves for books while you focus on your purpose as an individual.

If you follow the steps here you’ll find yourself reading the books you hated at first. Even if you’ve lost your passion for reading, studying and writing you will see them being reignited. Act and be the best character in the drama of your life, and watch the play later. You are magical, so are your words.