1 Critical Practice for Not Wasting Time Online

Wondering how to stop wasting time online?

Engaging in time-wasting activities is a chief cause of online business failure.

I have been caught in YouTube video loops. For hours. I know the drill.

But I also learned how to avoid distractions to stay on point and to build a rocking blogging business.

After paging through 1 of my 126 eBooks (which you can buy on Amazon):

How to NOT Waste Time Online

I pondered chapter 1.

This eBook leads off with the prime tip for not wasting time online: beginning your day with personal development.

I want to focus on this single tip today because it sets the table for an efficient, effective online business campaign.




This is the 3rd blog post I’m writing today.

It’s 1:01 PM Thailand time.

I also finished and loaded 2 other blog posts, in addition to networking and doing a Facebook Live Broadcast.

Some say I am fairly effective online.

Others believe I am a demigod or perhaps have 1,000 Ryan Biddulph clones running around.

Honestly; it’s just me, one person, doing this stuff.

But the reason why I am kinda prolific is that I am “being” the person who does this stuff.

I be the person by starting every day with a diligent personal development routine.

Here is why beginning the day with personal development helps you not waste time online.

Why This Works

Efficient, effective, wise online entrepreneurs work mainly from a fun, loving, detached energy. Like if you swam downstream or rolled downhill on a bicycle, everything feels good, enjoyable and plum fun.

When you have fun working your business you do productive, effective, business-building things for your entire workday, because you clearly see and act on prospering, efficient ideas.

Working on your energy first thing daily helps you purge fears so you can work predominantly from this fun, loving, largely detached energy.


Why Most Online Entrepreneurs Waste Time Online

Most online entrepreneurs work mainly from energies of fear, lack, limitation, and scarcity.

Bloggers tend to run around mindlessly, like a headless chicken, trying to do as much as possible from a hurried, frenzied, desperate energy. If fear drives you, no way will you act in a calm, confident, efficient, effective way?

Feel and clear your deep fears.

Work from fun, loving energy.


My Day

Currently, I begin my day with 20 minutes of meditation.

Since I am in Thailand now and want to connect with my reader base around the world before they go to bed or spend their evening offline, I move my 40 minutes of yoga to the afternoon. When I’m in America though I do deep yin yoga after meditating, first thing in the morning.

I pray for 2-5 minutes after reading a paragraph from A Course in Miracles early in the day.

I exercise for 45 to 60 minutes daily, either running or walking.

Following this ritual keeps me on point because I don’t allow time-wasting fears and distractions to pull me away from my blogging purpose.

I make time to do what I love doing, and doing what I love doing helps me be effective, efficient and prolific.

Note; personal development is not always pleasant or fun. Some mornings, my mind races like a cheetah after 10 cups of espresso when I meditate.

I feel a bit in agony doing yoga after sleeping in a weird position sometimes. Exercising in 103-degree temperatures feels tough here in Thailand.

Purging these feelings – and related fears – by following my daily self-help habit religiously helps me use time effectively and succeed online because I think clearly, feeling super energized, due to these daily sessions.

Do you find yourself wasting time online?


Or do you operate from lean, mean, effective and efficient energy while you work your business online?


Written by Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon and can help you build a successful blog at

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