When you see the color red, how do you feel? Our minds have different ways of perceiving things so colors and shapes hold different meanings to each and every one of us.

Sometimes we find it difficult to put together our feelings. We might feel like we do not how to communicate them to others or that we don’t even understand the way we feel ourselves.

Do you find it difficult to use inspiration?
Do you lack the knowledge of what to express with others?
Are you someone who has an idea but don’t know how to communicate it?

Sometimes we think we don’t have the necessary skills or talents required to express ourselves. Today’s post is about how you can easily express your feelings by releasing the right energy and using the right body movement to let out your feelings.

What Does It Mean To Express Yourself As A Writer?

  • Expressing yourself is about sharing your feeling, thoughts, and opinions about something.
  • Expressing yourself is the ability to communicate and prove your feelings carefully and honestly.
  • Expressing yourself is the ART and ACT of being authentic revealing the true nature of who you are, why and how you got here.
  • Expressing yourself is an educative creative process of explaining details to the understanding of others who carefully listens.
  • Expressing yourself is about how we interact with others in the real world.
  • Expressing yourself is about how we decorate our homes and the way we drive a car.

The truth is, the more dimensions of your experience you share with others, the easier it will be for those who listen’s to you to relate to the story grabbing the hidden truths accurately and understanding what you want them to know, how you want them to feel.

The Steps To Express Yourself As A Writer

1. You can get the odd feeling off your mind by doing something odd

Go to the gym, get some exercise, listen to an audio message, feel inspired and do more. Self-expression can be supremely fulfilling or irritable frustrating. Even at this, you should always win.

Start noticing where you may be holding back and when an opportunity comes to speak truthfully (with love and kindness), take it on as a challenge and speak up.

Don’t worry if you will or did it right or wrong. With patience and practice, you’ll gain more courage to express yourself the right way, the next time.

2. Exercising could be an option for you

Then, you may just need to be around other people. This is because when we are alone or feel isolated our thoughts and feelings can become blurred. Hence, making us lose the real picture of who we are.

Why should you stay around people when the odd feeling strikes?

People can serve as the drive to help us to understand clearly who we are, to do things the right way and to vividly express ourselves more as we engage with others.

3. Pen it down: Write it down exactly the way you feel

For example; I feel hard, I feel happy, I feel embarrassed. While you write, make them seem bigger in your mind.

How do you express this feeling?

Pen them down, draw them and dance it. To be more able to vent your feelings without holding back you need to exaggerate your feelings. If you can understand your feeling fully, you can express them fully.

Expressing yourself well as a writer is about understanding who you are, the feeling and why you write. You can allow your emotions to bubble to the surface and flow freely through your pen but not state exactly what you think.

This isn’t really self-expression because you’re only expressing a bit of yourself. Self-expression is removing the filter that sits between your brain, your body, your face, your voice, and your mouth.

4. Picture the stage: Do it now or never

The power of pictures is most times used by fiction writers. An ordinary man may never understand how to do this right unless when driven the right way by the right force.

Picture your feelings through drama and/or play. Make the characters match the way you feel. The secret here is to act as yourself, pretending that it is really someone else you are taking his role. Doing this (well) will help you to truly and easily express yourself without feeling uncomfortable.

5. Align your words with the moving trend

Did you ever engage in a talk with a friend and you feel like talking about that person in a more authentic way than you did? Possibly, it was someone who treated you the wrong way and instead of telling them how you felt about it, you walked away not feeling strong and wishing you had stood up for yourself.

The feeling could be crucial and for some of us, speaking the truth, at the moment, may be difficult because of the fear of confrontation and lack of confidence.

But, not speaking the truth can have damaging effects on self-esteem. To easily express yourself, understand the moving trend and align your words to fit what you have to say.

6. It comes to you naturally

Sometimes we don’t even think about how we express our inner reality with other people. It happens naturally to us. Many a time, we may try to express something and disappointed fall short of what we meant to get across. The feeling isn’t always normal. You don’t have to relent.

Benefits of Expressing Yourself In Writing

If you see people while communicating carefully, you will start to notice that people’s communicating works by leaving many things unsaid and depending on the listener to fill in the missing-but-implied information.

This is it.

To get the right details in every word someone says, you need to understand the person clearly. For people to understand you clearly, you need to be authentic in your words. Keep the communication language simple.

Below are the benefits of self-expression:

1. You own your emotions

What do I mean, here?

You may be someone who has formed the habit of telling yourself that you’re just being silly for feeling a certain way. In this sense, you may also know when and when not to tell yourself not to feel a certain way.

The reason is that, as you get used to your own words controlling your emotions and what you say becomes easy. It will be more difficult to say something and never feel or recap what you said.

2. You see and feel yourself

People see you the way they see you for a reason, and it is important to stick to that good reason. Seeing yourself as a good speaker can be easy. Speaking the words we’re afraid to speak. Picking the music that feels too bad but also just like us. Dressing in a way that feels like us as people and doing so many things like we feel we are.

Once you have identified who you are and what your passions are, not to pursue them can cause serious regret. Start now by wholeheartedly committing to your wants and passions. Don’t feel too reluctant about this because you’ll need to set time aside and not let anything get in the way.

3. It makes self-expression easy

Living, in reality, can be tough, but if we want to become more fully efficient in expressing ourselves we must face and do something about the things that ain’t working right for us. For example, if we are not fulfilling our potential, it’s time to honor our truth.

I know it is scary and vulnerable to express ourselves. This is no doubt the most natural thing that we do. There are small moments of authentic expression happening when people appreciate the cloth we put on, the hair we put I order and some more.

The ability to express yourself helps you to be noticed even when what you say don’t make sense. Your words are still in you. And it is all of you. Even when there’s no intellectual understanding for every stuff you stay you worth to live your life based on what matters.


In order to help people understand what you are feeling, use a boss or authority figure as an example.

Start writing out exactly what and how you would like people to feel when you speak to them.

Don’t edit yourself and make it as raw and as graphic as you like.

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