Life challenges every human being.

Bloggers are not immune from this basic truth.

Pro fighter Iron Mike Tyson noted how everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Adversity has a way of pushing you off balance.

Blogging after life punches you in the mouth is an art form. Developing this skill requires emotional intelligence, a willingness to be uncomfortable and a full commitment to blogging at least a little bit during challenging times.

Difficult moments reveal us to ourselves. Dealing with offline crises like the death of loved ones, financial stresses and domestic hardships proves challenging, but the best bloggers find a way through these events without being crippled by the trauma. I personally experienced a few life-changing moments quite uncomfortable to embrace. Based on these experiences, I want to share 3 tips to keep blogging when life punches you in the mouth.

Embrace and Address the Event

Bloggers are not robotic, obsessed automatons, blogging through the death of loved ones, financial ruin and other offline catastrophes. People need to face, embrace and address events to prepare themselves mentally for returning to their blogging campaign. How can any human in their right mind casually blog through the death of a loved one without addressing the emotions triggered by the event and doing what needs to be done from a worldly perspective?

Grieve and deal with details concerning the death of a parent, sibling or spouse. Blogging through a traumatic event does not mean literally blogging straight through the difficulty, like nothing happened. Deal with feelings and dealings to clear your head of baggage, for your blogging campaign. I am no blogging cyborg; when I faced a few genuinely trying events in life, I had to regroup in order to energize myself for blogging work. Process emotions. Ready yourself for little blogging bites.

Blog in Bites

Blog in bite-sized blocks to get in blogging work during challenging times. Give yourself perhaps 1-2 hours daily to focus on the basics, like guest posting, blogging on your blog and perhaps blog commenting. Nobody has the normal 6, 8 or 12 hour blogging work day to engage in during trying times but squeezing in 1-2 hours daily keeps success momentum growing, albeit, a little bit per work chunk.

Even if your ego fights you, do your best to help readers, to cathartically purge fear-pain and to commit to blogging a little bit daily. Small commitments during trying times distance you from virtually all bloggers. Note; do not over commit yourself to blogging during difficult times. Overextending yourself leads to stress, burnout and extended blogging vacations lasting way too long to be beneficial. Lick your wounds but nudge into blogging just a bit at a time. Guaranteed, building even the tiniest bit of success momentum does wonders for your blogging campaign.

Double Down on Mindset Work

During times of duress, doubling down on mindset work becomes crucial. I spend 3-4 hours daily working on my mindset to handle challenging situations. Today I only spent about 2 hours doing my mindset stuff because I had an unexpected offline event to address for roughly 6 hours but rest assured, I will be back to my 3-4 hours of energy training tomorrow. Life gets tough but training your mind to be strong helps you move along fear and reframe challenging situations, quite quickly.

Work on your mind to see difficulties in a different, more beneficial, light.


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