I figured I’d share a picture from my trip to New Zealand. Gorgeous, eh? Fitting too, because the pro blogging road feels like a lonely ride, sometimes, like that single truck you see above.

Some people believe I am lucky.

Others believed I am blessed with some special blogging talents.

Some folks feel I have rich parents.

But none are true. I am not lucky. I did not get blessed with special blogging talents. I do not have rich parents.

But I did spend 15,000 hours of my life blogging. Think about that number. For just a second. People have no idea the amount of time, work, and complete commitment you need to put into blogging to go pro. Folks have no idea that going pro requires an incredible amount of effort. Yeah; you may nod. People may agree. But in the same breath, it takes 3 minutes to read this post. Perhaps you spend 10 seconds processing these truths. Maybe, just maybe, you ponder the 15,000 hours number. Or perhaps you think of long, tiring nights, over 10 years of your life, spent blogging.

Unfortunately, you cannot emotionally understand what it feels like to blog for 15,000 hours until you blogged for 15,000 hours, in your own being, in your own experience. Until you’ve done it, you have no idea. The only way to blog for 15,000 hours is to blog THROUGH 15,000 hours. I am talking about a genuine human experience. No way to even begin to comprehend the time, energy and effort commitment pro blogging requires after spending 5 minutes of your life reading this post and processing the concepts.

Did you really know this about pro bloggers? Did you know that being a professional blogger requires a tremendous time, energy and effort commitment completely void of excuses? I write these words at 11:30 PM on a Monday night. I work. I mean, I REALLY work. Prince can tell ya; I do not play around when it comes to publishing content. This is my 5th guest post today. Or 6th? I lost count. Even though I love blogging I still feel uncomfortable writing and publishing this sucker before midnight because I still have 70 minutes of yoga to do. Yes; I spend 3 or more hours daily managing my energy to actually train for being hyper prolific. I could never publish 8 or more posts daily – and I have been for quite a while – unless I trained, energetically, to raise my vibe enough, to where I could create and publish so many posts without burning out.

Such is the price of going pro. Pay the price to be a pro and you become a pro. But pro blogging extracts a fairly serious price. Anyone can pay it. Few do. Few see the journey through.

Being a pro blogger requires a pro blogging effort spanning years of your life. No worries. You can do it. I know you can succeed. Do not let this post intimidate you but do ensure this post serves as a wake-up call if you’ve been futzing around for weeks, months or years, giving a half-baked blogging effort. Blogging gives you what you give blogging. The recipe is quite simple: give to get. Give a pro blogging effort. Get pro blogging results. But a pro blogging effort requires an amount of work, effort and time you probably never pondered. I share the 15,000 hour blogging number above, but until you find yourself up at midnight, working another 8-10 hour day, 10 years into your pro blogging career, you have no idea what that feels like.

Be all in. Blog no matter what. Pros out serve all other bloggers from generosity and longevity perspectives. That’s just the way it is….so now ya know.


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