Dear Writer, Are You Living a Life of Purpose?

How to Live your Purpose As A Writer

Dear Writer, Are You Living a Life of Purpose?

Have you ever wondered if you are living a life of purpose as a writer?

Sometimes we get the whole thing twisted and cheat ourselves at the end of the day. You said you have the passion to write yet churning out valuable contents on daily basis is a hard task for you.


What kind of writer are you? What is your driving force? Are you driven by money or the people?


God doesn’t mismanage anybody’s life. Enough blames we put on him.

One thing is to know and the other is to be able to create what you have known. Knowing that you are a writer is not enough – you need to live the reality and create the future you need.

You’ll find it difficult to live a life of purpose if you lack the knowledge of some things.

When a man knows where he’s going to he doesn’t ask aroundDouglas Jonathan.

Every writer’s destiny is too important for a guesswork or cheese play. Before you follow any professional writer or an author, sit and study who you want to follow.

Your writing career is too important for you to be hobnobbing with foolishness. Living a life of purpose demands you take responsibilities.

“I have taken the responsibility of helping upcoming writers grow their writing talent without compromising their price, purpose, and promise.”

Which responsibility have you taken?

Success is predictable. You can confuse and deceive people about your success, but you can never lie to yourself. Whether you are growing or not, you can predict if you will succeed.

It is no argument that from the attitudes and character you exhibit all day, each can tell how well you spent the day and how bad it was. Often, how better the tomorrow will be.

Hanging Out with Chickens

Some people’s passion is so electrifying that they may not be understood by those who don’t know what drives them.

The ideologies you believe can kill you; it can also help you, however, be careful of the ideologies you believe.

A man of purpose does not hang out with chickens.Click To Tweet

20 children may play together for 2 years, but, they cannot play together for 20 years.

  • Purpose is YOU. Are you being the right person to grow you?
  • Purpose is the reason why you came to this world. Are you living it?
  • Purpose is the life assignment that brings you and God profit. Are you fulfilling it?

If people don’t understand your passion, they will find it difficult to understand you. This is because your passion is you and you are your passion.

You can’t perform your duties without your passion and your passion can’t perform its duties without you. You and your passion are needed for your survival.

Achieving your Purpose

Because you lived wealthy and probably sold more books doesn’t mean you fulfilled your purpose. Sometimes God allows some things to happen in your life to bring you back to your purpose.

Purpose does not matter the age you fulfilled it or the moment you are living it. The concept of premature death is not how old you were but where you were when you died.

So, the simple question is: Did you fulfill your purpose? Where you were when you died, fulfilled or unfulfilled?

God’s message is a message filled with words. You may not like this content but for you to have landed on this page, find the words that are meant for you and choose which to live with.

Your greatest fear shouldn’t be death. Your greatest fear should be dying without fulfilling your purpose on earth.

Live a Life of Purpose Because of Others

If there is no other reason you can find as to why you should live a life of purpose do it because of those who are tied to you.

Live your dreams because when you do, other men can learn from you and be motivated to live theirs.

As a writer, you are not just a messenger, you are the message. Good-news is who you are to everyone that crosses your path. However, don’t feel afraid or neglected when people forsake you because you chose to live a life of purpose.

There are men who can never serve you until they find you in your purpose. Nature has designed things in a way that for you to get something’s you need to do something.

Something could be taking a decision to be responsible for your life. It’s all in your heart, and you can do this. I believe you can; just say “I can” and work it out.

Upgrading your Circle of Friends

There are some category of books you can’t write if you don’t mingle with those books. A songwriter may find it difficult to write school essays but quite easy to write love poems.

A writer of purpose understands his level and knows when there should be a change in level. If you are in a circle where you are always the teacher you’ve overgrown that circle.

If you need funds for your book project, don’t only pray to be funded. Be the right person to receive funds for the book project.

Let me break it down a bit: A writer of purpose is not obsessed with looking for the right relationships but obsessed with becoming the right person for the right relationships.

Your circle of friends could be a limit to what you can achieve. If your friends are not adding value to your life, look for a way and flee.

Make purpose friends, build purpose relationships.

Competency and Character

Some people have lost their purpose to deadly emotions. Emotions drive people crazy and control their lives.

I know you don’t want to live a life full of deception. A writer of purpose understands that the usefulness of a man is dependent on his character.

What will sustain your life (writing career) is your character. Talent or gift can make you popular. But, only your character can keep you popular even when you are dead in flesh.

Don’t build relationships your character cannot sustain. Behave like the writing career you want to experience. Don’t be among those that live their life based on people’s s assumptions.

You cannot take over the world on your bed. Neither can you build a legacy with a bad character? Only those with good character remain top-notch in their career and pursuit of life.

Passion allows you Go Extra Mile

Where there is no passion living a life of purpose becomes impossible. Your destiny is like your vehicle and the passion (the engine) is what drives you.

When passion is not there a life of purpose is in jeopardy. If you lose passion for what you are doing, your career will be affected. When passion is missing the life of purpose goes into hiding. And I know you don’t want that for your career.

In all thy getting get passion because it is the energy that drives you to your desired destination. When you are passionately in love with your writing career you can do anything to make sure you become a successful writer.

You can’t grow if you don’t love what you do. Passion allows you go the extra mile. The moment your passion for writing gets missing, purpose goes missing too.

My Final Words

Anytime you have the opportunity to write, don’t stop. Always find a way to connect with God and nature.

Life is not about what you achieved; in the process of achieving, what did you become? The time of transition worth more than gold and silver.

The question is not if you made money or became rich or fulfilled your career? In the process of becoming rich or fulfilling your career, what did you do?

I’d like you to be the judge of your own career. Don’t judge your career based on the results you received, judge your career based on the process.

We all came into this world through one road and we are going back through one road.

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