[Do you have a smartphone?] Read This!

The concept of making money online is beautiful.




The reality is an insane amount of hard work is needed. When most people realize just how much hard work it takes, they give up far too early.


…and that’s exactly why most people can’t make money online.


I’ll tell you a story of how I made ₦250,000 in less than 3 hours (with my smartphone.)


No boring stories. Let’s get into it.


People don’t like to work – they always look for shortcuts, get rich “quick” schemes and other forms of manipulating people to rip them off their money.


If you’re one of those folks, you can stop reading this at this moment (and jump off this page) because you won’t like what I’ll be saying.


This is VERY serious.


(Stop reading now else I call on the ants to jump on your pant…you know what that means.)


For those ready to learn to earn, let’s roll.


If you start with an idea to do something long-term, legit and take everything gradually, chances of succeeding will highly increase.


…and this requires a daily commitment.


I started making money from my smartphone (even before I got a PC) at the same time with 3 other friends – we literally started all from scratch.


Who was the only one who had a “little” success (₦85,500 – ₦2m/month)?


Yeap, you guessed, that was me.


Make Money From My Smartphone?


Make Money From My Smartphone


I worked 4 to 8 hours without taking one single day off – I sent emails, created content, made research, asked others for help, redefined my strategies, paid to learn how to get things done (that’s the shortcut to success), made plans etc.


Interesting, the game changed. I leveraged on WhatsApp as a platform to mint my cash.


And you can do the same thing…


The last WhatsApp class I held, I made ₦250,000 in less than 3 hours (without Facebook Ads or any form of an ad at all).




icon-arrow-circle-right I held a free WhatsApp class and had 236 participants.


icon-arrow-circle-right Taught them for 1hr+


icon-arrow-circle-right Sold a product at ₦10,000 and that night 25 out of 236 bought the product.


Minus the money, it did bring because the offer lasted for a week.


We had 236 participants. I spent no money on ads. And I did this with my smartphone.


I had two goals;


  • To expand my network
  • To help others make money.


Note: I had an active Facebook group of over 1,000 members and I didn’t even share about it there.


…this is VERY simple (and what you can do).


I did this from my Smartphone.


See The WhatsApp Class Participant Screenshot Below…

Make Money From WhatsApp Today


This is no joke.


It Got Really Interesting, And This Happened…


One of the participants opted in to pay ₦15,000 instead of ₦10,000


…the added ₦5,000 was to bribe me…and he got ME!


I rarely do this; however, below is a snapshot of his payment.


Make As Low As N15,000 From WhatsApp Weekly





You don’t need to be an expert for this to work for you.


When I held the class of 236 participants, my WhatsApp status views dangled within 15 to 34 views daily.


How then was I able to have 236 participants? I’ll be showing you how I did that and how you can on WhatsApp Sales Masterclass.


Join the Class Here  icon-arrow-right WhatsApp Sales Masterclass


How can I make money from my Smartphone using WhatsApp?


You will discover your answer on the 20th of October, 2018.


I’ll practically show you how I built my WhatsApp Sales Funnel from scratch.


To get access to this masterclass, you need 4 things.


  1. A smartphone
  2. A brain that works
  3. ₦5,000 for what I’ll be teaching you
  4. The willingness to take MASSIVE ACTION


Do you have them? Good!


Get INSTANT ACCESS Here Now icon-arrow-right (Join The Masterclass)


The Masterclass will be held in a Secret WhatsApp Group.


This class is not for everyone.


It is for:


  • One; those who have product/s to sell
  • Two; those who have service/s to render


Here’s what you will learn;


icon-arrow-right How to attract the right audience

icon-arrow-right How to convert your friends to buyers

icon-arrow-right How to run effective WhatsApp Ads via Facebook (on a low budget)

icon-arrow-right How to receive money from IN and OUTSIDE Nigeria


I’ll be showing you all this and more for a little token of ₦5,000.


If you think ₦5,000 is too much, you can go and hug the transformer!


I’m ‘damn’ serious.


Are you ready to stop wasting your data and make money from WhatsApp like me? Click below to secure your spot.



When you leave this page without taking any action, you won’t SEE this page again and you’ll be the loser.


HURRY NOW! 20 Spots left 👉 [Join Now]


Once payment is made, you will be redirected to a WhatsApp group.


Alternatively, you can pay via bank deposit or transfer ₦5,000 to 3098325211, First Bank, Prince Akwarandu.


After that, send a WhatsApp message to 08161557924 for confirmation and enrollment.







Talk to you soon,

Prince Akwarandu.

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