Do You Need to Fire a Client?


Do You Need to Fire a Client?

I always like revisiting my vision from time to time because doing so helps me get super clear on my direction. Seeing myself circling the globe, helping people build blogs successfully, ensures I keep being that person and moving in that direction. I suggest you do the same, for a very key reason. Freelancers need to develop vision enough to establish strong posture when dealing with clients. Sometimes…..clients just need to go.

At various times, I’ve had to fire certain clients because the individuals held me back. Or the individual held back my blogging growth. Never was this a personal deal. I had no problem with the clients as people because they seemed like great folks. Business and energy….and never personal, directed at the person themselves. But sometimes, you need to let go someone for any number of reasons. Why? You just know it’s time to let the individuals go because some aspect of the business relationship turns sour.

 For example, I’ve had clients who refused to pay me for weeks or even months. Some clients just didn’t pay me out right so I had to fire them. I do not work for free when it comes to the premium side of my blogging campaign. In other cases I worked for clients who promised payment on completing the job and after submitting 3 detailed, fabulous drafts meeting their specific needs, they continued to tell me that I wasn’t delivering. So I fired these people. This was nothing personal. Just business.

 Other clients needed to go because they were hypercritical or there was just some clash energetically that held me back. This is life. People outgrow business relationships as they outgrow domestic relationships. But you need to actually let these people go in order to grow. If you cling, these people form anchors that hold you down and hold you back. Imagine someone grabbing you. Now imagine the person preventing your forward movement. Energetically, this is what happens by clinging to a client who you need to fire immediately. The fear of loss creates clinging. But you need to face and feel the fear to release the individual. Trust me, it’s better for both parties. You move forward and grow and they move in whatever direction they intend to move in.

 Think about all of your business relationships now. Do you take on clients for the business side of your blog? Who needs to stay? Who needs to go? Everybody knows deep down who needs to go. But releasing clients feels uncomfortable for any number of reasons. Perhaps you feel bad letting go of someone you befriended over the years. Or maybe you feel bad letting go someone who you worked so hard for. Whatever the cause, fear influences you to make a bad decision and keep them around. Feel the fear. Let them go. Nobody grows by not letting go. But every blogger grows by letting go relationships long gone.

 Enjoy the sweetest upside of firing a client. Grow like a stinking weed. Letting go a worn-out business relationship frees you to find better business matches. I always aligned with awesome folks the moment I let go non-resistant clients. The key is to release folks super quickly without looking back. Never make it personal. It is not about an individual but their energy. Any client vibing from fear, suffering or pain simply needs to go for the benefit of both parties. I appreciate everybody I do business with but know when to release someone and when to keep them around. Have posture. Release poor matches to create an energetic vacuum that sucks up excellent matches quickly. Good clients who love your work and pay quickly find you the moment you let go of everybody else. I find awesome matches within hours or days of releasing someone who was no longer a match. On the whole, almost all of my clients have been fabulous. We get along perfectly. My clients almost always pay quickly. I can complete their work with no problems. No drama between us at all, either. But the reason why I have such resonance is because I release a non-resonant folks stupid fast.

 Develop the art of releasing poor matches to make room for excellent matches. This takes some time to do because most freelancers cling terribly to folks out of fear. Fear of loss, fear of criticism and the fear of failure influence most freelancers into working with clients who need to go. I never do this. I release poor matches the split-second an individual flashes a red flag. If someone does not pay, I simply let them go. I never chase bad money because that sends off a poverty conscious vibe, matching the individual who fears paying me. I’d rather not give my money away by vibing fear and poverty and if I chased a non-paying client, I’d be vibing poverty. No thank you. I’d rather vibe abundance and prosperity.


Do you need to develop this level of posture with your blogging campaign? Of course I wrote an eBook delving into this specific topic. Most bloggers mean well but have the posture of an earthworm ignorant of its core exercises. Or they have the posture of a jellyfish who refuses to do its pilates. Having posture means developing confidence in your blogging abilities and clarity in your business sense. Do you need to develop posture so you can fire clients quickly and easily, the split-second things turn South?

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