Offeo video design software for creating beautiful graphics for your video is a new innovation in the tech hub. Offeo is used to create amazing looking animated videos in just 60 seconds.

With this software, no video editing experience is needed; there’s no need to buy an expensive software. All you need to do is to simply drag and drop.

Today, designing compelling images and videos has been made easy. Internet, as they say, is one of the best things that came to this generation.

The tool I share with you today is a great solution to edit your videos and design amazing visuals in no time.

Offeo is a Cloud-Based Video Maker which is committed to empowering Startups and SMEs giving them the tools and knowledge on how to create the most effective videos for social media.

With this great tool, you can design your own videos online without stress. This is a great video creation software which you can use anywhere, anytime.

Offeo video design software is super-fast, super easy to use, and everything’s included to make life simple.

Anyone can create and make videos at breakneck speed with Offeo. 60 seconds is all it takes! Offeo is the new animation studio at your fingertips.

8 Offeo Frequently Asked Questions Answered

1. What exactly is Offeo?

Offeo is your personal motion graphics video editor. You can create amazing videos without the need for video editing skills or expensive software.

2. Why Offeo?

We believe that video creation should be made easily without any technical limitation. that is placed on them. Offeo is a better, easier and less time-consuming method of making amazing looking motion graphics videos.

3. Motion Graphics? What’s that?

Motion Graphics is a combination of animation and graphic design so that they are more engaging and memorable comparing to still images.

4. Why would Offeo have a waiting list? How long do I have to wait to get access?

Offeo is a young and growing cloud-based video creation service. We have a waiting list to ensure a quality experience for our users.

Because of our limited resources, we can only accommodate a limited number of users (Private Beta) for our service before it can be rolled out to a wider audience.

Stay updated with our progress on Instagram as we work hard to bring you the best online video maker.

5. Why should I sign up for Offeo’s early access?

Apart from getting priority in using our design-driven video editing platform, we are providing our early access users with exclusive rewards and perks. Sign up with your email to find out more.

6. How about copyright? And commercial use?

All of Offeo’s creative assets are provided to you royalty free, attribution free and suitable for commercial use. For further details, please refer to Offeo’s Terms of Service.

7. Are my videos safe with Offeo?

Yes, they are. Offeo will never use your videos. You own the videos and you get to decide where to show them.

8. Where can I post the edited video?

You can post your edited videos anywhere! Our videos are typically well suited for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

You can also publish your edited videos on your own website/blog.

Features of Offeo, The Simple Motion Design Platform for Everyone

1. Easy to start: Unlike other video creating software, Offeo is different and easy-to-use. There are hundreds of designer templates present to get you inspired.

2. Live preview; Intuitive: Offeo is the world’s first online video platform that allows you to view animation changes on the spot. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, yes.

3. Full creative control: With Offeo, you’re the boss – you’re in control. You can easily keep your brand consistent, and customize your videos to suit your campaigns.

4. Drag and drop: This is the sweetest of all. No more “I can’t design, or I’m a beginner”. Offeo is for every individual; it’s for both beginners and expert video creators.

You can easily apply effects and design elements within a matter of clicks. Truth is, you simply can’t get enough of it.

5. Thousands of pre-animated graphics for you: It can be a daunting task to design a book cover at your first trial. I told you earlier, there is no need to worry about being a beginner in this field. Complex animation tools are made easy for everyone.

Of course, Offeo is the video creation playground you ever dream of ­čÖé

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Remember, with Offeo, there is no video editing experience needed. No need to buy expensive software. It simply drags and drop. Period.

Oh, did we mention that it’s all FREE as well? Spread The Word!

As early adopters, you can earn really cool rewards such as:

  • Offeo $150 Credits
  • Exclusive Premium Templates
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  • Many More

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That’s it.

Your Turn

Have you used any video editing software before? If yes, how was the experience? Frustrating? Enjoying? Fantastic? We would love to hear your thoughts as they can help others.

If you’ve used or currently using Offeo video design software, what’s your experience using it? Feel free to share your thoughts below.