Your Book Won’t Sell Beyond 10 Copies. Here’s Why!
Why You Won't Sell More Books Fast: Be Utterly Shamless by Chidindu

Are you wondering why your books don’t sell? Dear authorpreneur, if you don’t want to sell more than 10 copies of your books, then do the things we’ll be talking about today. Most literary writers consider book sales a half-crass/half-mythological subject that is taboo to discuss. Publishing is the business of creating books and selling them to […]

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Nigeria, Our Father’s Land (Poem)
Poems about Nigerian culture

Hunger in the deepest parts of their stomach with a pain in their heart, did the people sing? One nation bound in freedom Peace and unity they sang more like a plea, it was Oh the national anthem To serve my father’s land, with love and strength and faith My strength, a weakness it becomes. […]

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Breakthrough Money Challenge

Ideas are the beginning point of all fortunes. Have you ever participated in a fitness challenge? Typically, fitness challenges are very popular in January and August. With that token, money challenges are popular in order to help you save money. Challenges are helpful with saving money because they hold you accountable to the end goal. […]

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