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Do you see how easily I did that? I led off the post promoting one of my products.

I did so as naturally as I’d grab a glass of water and down the sucker.

Most bloggers feel icky promoting their products and services. I betcha you worry leading off a blog post with a promotion turns people off, right?

That my friends are called a “money limiting belief.” Like the idea, you need to always lead with value to prove your worth and to make sales.

Again, totally untrue.

If you need a blogging course and understand I’m writing these words while busing through New Zealand on a 3-month trip and how the 11 fundamentals help you live your dreams, you’re thanking me for promoting the course clearly so you can buy it.

My students thank me for reminding them to buy the course through my persistent promoting; the nudges reminded them to buy it.

But bloggers often feel they annoy, agitate or irritate people by frequently sharing a valued product or service with something called “money” as the chosen means of exchange for the course.

Do you know how bloggers jump through hoops, justifying the pricing of their products and services, begging, pleading, cajoling, convincing and laying out 14,000 reasons why their product is worth it?

Not me.

I share the product page.

I live my dreams through blogging.

If you want to live your dreams through blogging simply click the “Buy” button and exchange $349 USD for the course.

I am comfortable saying my course costs $349 or I charge $200 an hour for coaching or I charge $100 for a 600-word post on the freelance writing side of things,

$6.99 for premium Amazon eBooks and $3.99 for the rest. I feel clear noting the costs.

No icky-ness, no lack of clarity, and no awkwardness, embarrassment, shame or other fears based in totally untrue limiting beliefs.

Remember this; fear is an illusion. Not real. Love is real. Fear is not true.

All fear-based beliefs concerning money and promoting your products and services are not really there.

Fears feel real but are not real. Scarcity does not exist. Illusion. If you believe nobody likes to be sold to this is a fear-based limiting belief that is totally untrue.

If you believe promoting your products or services turns people off, this is an untrue limiting belief based on the idea that energy called “money” is in short supply, and asking people to exchange money energy is an awkward, painful thing for both parties.

Totally untrue guys, totally untrue.


How to Clear the Fear

One method exists for clearing the icky feelings you may feel concerning promoting your premium offerings.

Feel the fear within the discomfort to clear it. Clear the fear to freely share your offerings from a clear, detached, relaxed space.

The old me burdened myself with promotional fears. By leading off this post with my course the old me would feel uncomfortable promoting a $30 product on the introduction.

Yes, I sold the course for $30 which was disgusting and asinine but fear makes you do dumb things.

I felt much money fears to clear the fear. I raised the course price to $349 and of course sold more at $349 than $30 because when you feel comfortable and clear with money, money becomes comfortable with you and finds its way into your pocket. The new me has a blogging posture.

You can write 40,000 blog posts and never make a dime through your blog.

Money energy cares not what you do, but how you are being, money reflects your predominant energy around money back to you; money loves generous, detached bloggers who freely promote offerings, money fears stingy attached bloggers who hide their premium offerings.

So….do you feel icky promoting your products and services?
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