Pros and Cons of Falling in Love with Colleague

Falling in love with colleague

We have finally decided to talk about falling in love with colleague. No matter how controversial this topic might be, but it is something we all need to talk about.

It is human nature to catch feelings for someone who is close to us and whom we see on a daily basis. It’s like you in high school or college, we would usually fall for the person whom we would see every day.

Feelings don’t die, neither do they stop once you’ve aged or attained maturity. Feelings are notorious. You will have no idea about whom you’re about to fall for.

Trust me if I could go back in time and would’ve told myself that I’m going to marry someone this beautiful, he would’ve died of a heart attack.

Let’s strictly focus on office love. Cupid does weird stuff and making falling in love with colleagues each other is the weirdest thing he’ll ever do.

Office love gets super confusing and dangerous if it’s not a casual hookup. If you have serious feelings for the other person, trust me, you’re in danger.

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Pros of falling in love with colleague:

They can sincerely help you out with your work

This is the most fascinating thing that office romance will do to you. Getting your work done on time is one of the most difficult tasks ever.

It’s not like you can’t complete the work in time, it’s just, you don’t want to do it one time. So you keep procrastinating.

Now, here it depends whom are you in love with, if you’re in love with someone in your depart or your boss, things are good for you.

Your work will be completed easily. And if your boss is the one giving you the cheddar, she might as well give you a nice raise or something like that.

You can get the “cheddar cheese” at work

This is the only pro that men are usually interested in at work. They just want the loving, here and there. No matter if they’re married or not. If they’re committed or not.

Some men just can’t any to an invitation. So yes if you’re falling in love with colleague, you can get the loving right at the office. This gets troublesome when the person you’re in love with is in authority.

Everyone has seen Horrible Bosses and man, Jennifer ruins the peace of his worker’s life. So yes, keep this in mind, before falling for your colleague, know your boundaries and know what he/she can do to your job if you guys decide to split.

You will go to work daily and be punctual

Remember that college crush that made you attend a specific course for an entire semester, even though you weren’t even taking Econ-101.

That’s the exact scene here. You see them, you fall for them, you can’t stop thinking about them, so you try to see them all you can. This results in you being punctual and regular to work.

Your boss might be astonished by your progress and it might make him wonder what is the reason behind this.

Not only will you come daily to work, but you will also have a lighter mood and you will try your best to work as well. In simple words, you will start enjoying your office life like you enjoyed Econ-101 in college.

Cons of falling in love with colleague

If your colleagues get to know, you can get fired

The biggest con of falling in love with colleague is that you can get fired. Isn’t that just the worst?

Offices and workplaces have a strict policy about people dating in the premises. Sneaking around is going to make you tired like Monica and Chandler.

By being in love with your colleague, you’re not only jeopardizing your career, but you’re also jeopardizing someone else’s life as well.

In most cases, such love affairs are of people who are bizarre of their current relations and want something electric. Now such people can’t go out like normal people who are single.

So they limit their range and play at workplaces. So if someone gets fired because of this, it is going to be a whole lot of ugly coming out.

People will make jokes about

We all get anxious when someone makes a secret joke about us and then that joke is rotated around the clock. This is only going to make things worse for you and your lover.

Consider a situation where you have left the office, and your lover is still at work. Now, if you’re a guy, people will give you a hi-five and consider you a hero.

But, if you’re a girl, sadly, you will be judged and ridiculed. I don’t know why people have such double standards when it comes to genders but this is the harsh reality.

Given the durability of emotions, men are actually prone to such jokes of any notion. However, women might take it seriously and they are likely to get anxious and panic attacks as well. So if you’re planning to sleep with your colleague or your boss, please don’t do it, girl.

There are many young attractive men out there waiting for someone like you. So make use of your efforts and don’t give it to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

You’ll always find yourself distracted from work

When you’re in love and the love has recently developed, you usually find yourself occupied with thoughts of your beloved.

It happens to everyone, it’s like nature of love. This happening in the presence of your lover is going to cause some serious distraction.

You will not be able to concentrate on work. Rather you’d be fixated on what he/she is doing right now, or if you guys could get together and get a couple of drinks in the middle of the day.

This will result in the poor quality of your work and your seniors won’t be so generous to you. So, my advice is, you should never fall in love with your colleagues, especially when they are married to someone else.

It is just simply unethical.

Written by Hazel Martin

Hazel Martin is a senior content developer and a blogger who loves to share her views on diverse topics. She holds great knowledge and experience about digital marketing and is currently associated with a renowned Social Media Company in Dallas named BYV Digital.

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