I scanned this Quora question a few moments ago.

I publish 2-3 posts daily. One blog post is text. The remaining 1-2 are videos or perhaps podcasts. But I never tie myself in to publishing a set number of blog posts in a time frame because doing so adds force-fear to my blogging campaign.

I do not stick to a strict blog post schedule because publishing posts is about feelings, not blog post frequency. No one pays me for each post I publish. No one pays me for blog post frequencies set at certain times. Nope.

People prosper me if I have fun blogging from a relaxed, chill energy. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Blog post frequency does not matter. Having fun publishing beneficial content targeted for your readers matters most.

Should you publish a set number of blog posts weekly? No. I suggest aiming for one post weekly but do not force it. Never publish a post to satiate some blog posting set schedule.

Never publish a post to fulfill some posting schedule. Publish blog posts to share helpful content from a relaxed energy.

Words flow when you free-flow your blogging campaign. Why can I write this post while watching a little Amazon Prime now? GASP! I broke one of my rules. 99.99% of the time I blog in quiet.

But I feel relaxed enough to publish the post even though I am watching a little TV. Being relaxed – and practicing my writing for years – allows me to write this post from a chill, helpful energy.

Imagine if I forced myself to write this post? I would add tension to the blogging process.

Tension creates:

  • writer’s block
  • traffic issues
  • profits issues
  • frustration
  • mental blocks

among other nasty energies in your being.

Does it make sense to force things based on a set schedule when you can publish posts whenever it feels fun, freeing, relaxing and beneficial to your audience?

Although publishing one post weekly feels easy if you practice writing for years you never want to tie yourself in to a set blogging schedule. You may as well work a job if you go that route.

I prefer not to work jobs. I enjoy being my own boss. I also love working whenever I want to work, wherever I want to work.

That’s how I roll.

Being a professional blogger is being:

  • flexible
  • open
  • relaxed
  • pliable
  • willing to change your strategy abruptly

Be flexible. Publishing one post daily is for experienced, skilled bloggers. Never put that type of expectation on yourself in the first place. Forget trying to publish weekly as a newbie.

Relax. Set an intent to publish when you feel relaxed, and like you have something valuable to share with your readers.

I only publish content readers ask me to publish, or, content based on the problems or dreams of bloggers yearning for blogging tips. I publish 5 guest posts daily based on these needs but only after 15,000 hours spent blogging.

I had to work myself up to this blog post frequency over a decade.

Pump your brakes a bit, aspiring professional bloggers. Slow down. Calm down.


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