Relating to influencers online is a pause and think game.

How can I relate with others on Facebook? This post by Mute Efe answers that.

Tips To Make Your Social Media Experience More Profitable

Social media is the amplification of humanity. A reflection of society that it is visible to billions.

Just as there are acceptable norms and etiquette in relating and communicating with people you meet face to face, there are also online norms.

Let’s look at some of them.

1. Sending Friend Requests

After sending a friend request to anyone and your friend request is accepted by the other party, send them a thank you message and tell them why you sent the friend request.

See two examples below:

1. Hello Lagbaja,
Thank you for accepting my friend request. A mutual friend, Omodudu Omokupa, shared one of your posts about how to communicate with others on Facebook and I found it helpful. So I decided to send you a friend request.

2. Hello Lagbaja,
Thank you for accepting my friend request. I saw your profile under People You May Know. Your profile picture looked professional so I took a peek at your timeline and saw that you posted very rich content. So I decided to be one of your friends.

You don’t post it on the person’s wall. You send it as a private message. With a simple message like that you are already building a relationship that can lead anywhere.

2. Avoid Chat Words‎

When posting, commenting, or messaging, avoid using chat words like Tnx, 4get, 2moro, etc.

Always type all your words correctly.

3. Straight to the Point

Asking someone about their personal lives – how are you? How is the family? Iyawo nko? How was your night?

Those questions are not only unnecessary but are usually frowned at by most people except those you have developed a cordial relationship with.

When messaging someone, go straight to your reason for messaging them after you have greeted.

4. Commend Before Confront

Some people are in the habit of saying nothing when they agree with what you post. But the day you post something they disagree with is the day they will comment on your post.

That is a very big mistake. Commend before your confront.

5. Praise in Public. Rebuke in Private

Everybody loves to be appreciated in public. There is nothing like silent appreciation. If you love what someone is doing praise them and praise them publicly. Celebrate those who are adding value to you. Write about them and post on your wall with their pictures.

However, when it comes to the reverse, do it privately. People don’t love to be challenged or corrected in public. In fact, they may switch to defense mode even if they are wrong. So correct and rebuke by sending private messages.

6. Respond to Messages

Respond to messages the moment you read them even if the reply is “I will reply later.” It is better than keeping silent after reading someone’s message. Once you have seen someone’s message the other person knows that you have seen their message. If you are being disturbed by someone and you don’t want to receive their messages, block them.

7. Don’t Use Endearments

Addressing someone you met on Facebook as sweetheart, dear, honey, etc, is a capital NO. Except if you are actually in a relationship with that person never use endearments to address them. It can be very annoying especially when the person just sent you a friend request one minute ago and is already telling you “Hello dear.”

Who is your dear?


8. Post Meaningful Comments

Thanks. Great. Awesome. Wow! I am inspired. You just changed my life.

Those comments, no matter how sincere they might be, they are meaningless comments. When commenting on people’s posts, actually say something about the post- what you learned, a contribution, etc.

Posting one-word-comments smacks of mental laziness. Put your brain to work and actually say something about what you read.

9. Dig your Well Before You Are Thirsty

You never know when you will need anyone’s help Maintaining communication and adding value with others places you in a better position to get help when you need it. Some ways you can do that include:

  • Commenting on their posts
  • Buying their products
  • Taking their classes
  • Recommending your friends to them
  • Celebrating them
  • Posting in groups you belong to
  • Engaging with others

Those are just some tips that will make your Social Media experience richer and more profitable.


In which of these areas have you been defaulting and how do you plan on changing it?

Thank you.

Mute Efe

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  • Moss Clement
    Posted at 9:17 AM 0Likes

    Hi Prince,

    Relating with others is a great way to build relationships that can set you up for the long run. Your tips are great if one can follow and apply them correctly. However, I want to add that, being an active part of a Facebook group relevant to your niche is also a remarkable way to relate to others.

  • Krook
    Posted at 11:30 AM 0Likes


    Its a awesome way to do that. thank you so much for sharing it

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