Trim the fat. Dive into the blogging meat of the matter.

I spend so little time engaging on social media today because although chatting up folks plays some part in blogging success, my time best finds itself being spent blogging on Blogging From Paradise and guest posting on rocking blogs, like this gem. Simple. Trim fat by assessing and releasing non-essential blogging actions. Save that time by getting rid of inefficiencies. Cool. Replace with either effective blogging actions or add up free-spare time.

For example, I have some extra spare time tonight because I reduced social media chatting time today. Do I still spend time speaking to folks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Yep. But only for a few moments. No longer do I spend minutes or a half hour mindlessly drooling over my main Facebook stream because I have not 5 seconds to waste, let alone, 30 minutes. I get a lotta important blogging stuff done and also have a life offline. As my daily energy management strategy expands I have even less time to blog online. Better make it count.

Folks wonder how to get it all done. How do you blog effectively, intelligently and efficiently? Save blogging time right now by identifying and eliminating ineffective, intelligent, inefficient actions. For example, imagine spending 45 minutes today fishing for endorsements, testimonials and positive feedback. Why? Well, to drive business and profits, of course. Versus spending 45 minutes asking for testimonials, write and publish 2-3 guest posts in that 45 minute frame which achieves the end goal of growing business and profits, while leveraging your presence and adding to your cyber real estate store. Do you see what I mean? THIS is how someone saves blogging time now. Stop trying to cold pitch or warm pitch 1 person at a time. Not efficient. Time waster. Serve thousands of people at a time, grow traffic, grow business and publish profits-boosting, evergreen content on perpetual (in most cases) online real estate, at least as long as the blogger’s lifetime, for your guest posts, of course.

I am always thinking about how to effectively save time and grow business. Why not do both? Save blogging time by being ruthlessly efficient. Grow blogging business by making a maximum impact with all effective actions. Why do I promote one eBook through all blog posts I publish? Time saver. Profit booster. Simple way to grow my reach, to boost blogging profits and to serve people through a wide range of platforms. Not rocket science, either. If someone invites me to guest post, I may as well help readers generously and be generous with myself, too…..right?

Trim the fat. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable about releasing certain blogging activities. People claim one needs to spend a hefty amount of time chatting on social to grow business but reducing chat time and still growing business proves the real truth. Pop over to Facebook for 10 minutes of chatting. Shut it down. Make a strong impact then get serious about saving time. Fear invades mind the moment you catch yourself wanting to revisit Facebook 4, 5 or 10 times daily. But save a single extra 10 minute chatting session, do nothing else on the platform. Be with fears concerning releasing chat time, imploding your blogging business and all that other garbage, to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Take that 10, 30 or 40 minutes and write guest posts on respected blogs from your niche….at least if you want to save blogging time now.

Treat yourself too! I am no blogging machine. I plan to use the extra spare time I accumulated watching Billions on Showtime here in the US. Hey; contrary to popular belief, I am no blogging cyborg.


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