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What Is the Secret to Being Everywhere Online? - World Writers Hub

Being generous. This is it. I swear, it is such an easy tip to logically understand. Everybody knows helping tons of people for free through prolific blogging, guest posting and by promoting fellow blogger is the secret to being everywhere online. But emotionally, goodness is this a tough one to embody because you hate facing fears. Like me. No one enjoys feeling fear because fear feels unpleasant. But being generous forces fears of giving away too much for free, wasting your time and being criticized, to arise in your being. Never get it twisted; I promote one eBook via all free blog posts and guest posts. I help folks for free and give them premium help for empowerment and for my blogging profits. But 1 line and 1 link of a full free post ain’t much self-promoting folks.

My eBook for today:

7 Tips to Be All Over the Place Online

Being everywhere is possible than probable than certain but darn, feels uncomfortable sometimes. Why? Fear. For example, I publish 10 or more posts daily between blogging and guest posting. Sometimes this feels smooth as a baby’s butt. But sometimes this feels highly uncomfortable because fear screams at me each time I begin writing a post. Fear did not yell a few minutes ago. Thank goodness this guestie flows smoothly. But if posts feel heavy or resistant to write later today, I keep going. I do not care. I BLOG generously no matter what. I do not care for fear. I feel it. I blog. Then, I keep being generous. This is the secret to gaining massive exposure in your blogging niche. But a secret, ’tis not. Most understand how helping oodles of folks for free puts you in many spots. Few face emotional turmoil to do it. Most shun fear. Others avoid fear. Fear aversion feels good, safe and comfortable.

But next month, when I have 300 to 350 helpful blog posts circulating, and you, 5-10, who succeeds? The guy in hundreds of spots? Or the guy in 10 spots? I do because I am everywhere because I generously help folks daily. Even if doing so feels scary. Help people. Even through fear. Write the guest post. Write the blog post. Broadcast live. Podcast. Dig deeper. Give without any expectations. But do promote your business in a line or 2. May as well make money online and be a successful pro as you appear all over your blogging niche. Help people with freemium and premium. Everybody succeeds.

For starters, publish posts prolifically on your blog and engage in prolific blog commenting. Publish 1-2 paragraph, mindful, personalized comments to gain pub and to help folks. Be patient and persistent as you generously help people. Mention bloggers. Build networks. Get connected. All giving puts you in a gazillion spots. Being in a gazillion spots puts you all over your niche. I worked for only 3 hours so far today. But I published 4 posts to my blog – 3 video and 1 article – and 2 guest posts. I am in 6 more spots in 3 hours. Ponder my 10-12 helpful posts daily over the past 3-4 months. See what I mean? Keep serving freely. Cut strings. Expect nothing. Gain incredible exposure.

Nobody gets ahead by trying to get over on people. Everybody who generously serves people gets ahead in a major league way. Do you suffer from exposure issues? Stop being stingy. Never hold back. Edge into fear. Shut up your ego. Ego tells you stop giving away the farm. Give 1000 farms away for free but charge handsomely for products and services and promote products and services every time you sell a farm for free. Does that make sense? You can give away the farm but sell tractors and equipment for $20,000. See what I mean? Gain massive exposure and get sales by helping for free and, promoting your help for pay. Be as generous with self as you are with other folks. Be seen everywhere. Profit in the process. Access the genuine secret to massive exposure and ever-increasing blogging profits. Teeny bit of promotion in a line or 2 works fine. Like how I promote my eBooks. Save the rest of the post for sharing free value. Be seen. Render valued free and premium help. Get paid.
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