Is There a Secret to Writing Successful Blog Posts Quickly?

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Is There a Secret to Writing Successful Blog Posts Quickly?

No secret exists to writing successful blog posts quickly.

Simply write your behind off every single day. Develop your writing skills. Success will find you.

Successful blogging is no secret to successful bloggers. Successful blogging may seem secretive to new bloggers because they wonder how do these pros go pro. I can tell you from first-hand experience that about 10000 to 15000 hours of blogging lead to my blogging success. I  can write successful blog posts quickly because I wrote tens of millions of words over the past decade of my life. But if I did not write tens of millions of words I would not be able to write successful blog posts quickly.

Stop looking for secret shortcuts. Quit looking for silly hacks. Be all in with blogging. Blogging mirrors back your commitment to blogging. Think of your blog as a perfect mirror. Do you succeed right now? Or do you fail? Your results mirror your commitment to blogging back to you but this is over a sustained period of time. Impatient bloggers see failure mirrored back to them. Greedy bloggers see the same negative reflection as do desperate bloggers. But generous bloggers see increasing success mirrored back to them although over the long haul of course.  Do not expect to succeed after writing 10 guest posts. Blogging takes a little bit more than that in order to become successful. Pros tell you this all the time. Blogging is not get rich quick nor do bloggers experience overnight success.

I spent years of my life helping people to be the blogger I am today. I also visualized my dream life of circling the globe to energize me for this journey, so I would not look for secrets or shortcuts or other hacks that ultimately lead to blogging failure.  Resist urges to take shortcuts by visualizing your dream life in vivid detail.  Step into your mental picture to make it come alive. See, taste and touch your dream life through blogging. I advise you to visualize in order to blog the right way. Successful bloggers know exactly where they’re headed so they do not panic and bail on proven strategies like failing bloggers do.

Do you want to write successful blog posts quickly?  Spend 5 to 10 years writing every single day. Write successful blog posts quickly. Any blogger who succeeds in writing a traffic driving blog post quite quickly spent thousands of hours practicing writing. No shortcuts avail themselves to any blogger. But generous, patient and persistent bloggers who practice daily for years do amazing things online. I once wrote and published 30 blog posts in a single day during a particular blitz in 2013, when I was freelance writing. How in the heck did I do that? Coffee had little to do with it but writing millions of words did. Do something for thousands of hours and you get really good at it. Getting really good at some skill helps you do amazing things quite quickly. But doing amazing things quickly requires thousands of hours of practice. Put in the time and you’ll get the results you desire.

Consider your readers too. Readers ultimately decide if posts succeed or do not succeed. How? Readers make a post successful if the post addresses their problems. Then they promote the post to their networks, expanding your reach far and wide. Listen to your followers. Ask them questions. Listen closely to their answers. Write posts solving their most pressing problems. Success is on the way. Plus if you write your tail off, you will be able to craft successful blog posts quickly.

There you have it; a neat little pointer for cranking out rocking blog posts fast. Per usual, keeping things simple works best. Write diligently. Practice writing offline, online and anywhere you live and breathe. I write like mad to develop skills enough to publish a high volume of helpful posts daily. Develop your writing skills, solve reader problems and you will be good to go.


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