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How To Earn Your Readers’ Trust and Respect

How To Earn Your Readers Trust and Respect
How To Earn Your Readers Trust and Respect

Simple ways to earn your readers trust. It’s good to know how to write captivating stories, that awards you accolades from your readers.

You see Feedbacks like “Hmm, deep, inspiring, motivating” e.t.c but that doesn’t really mean you have bought them over.

In this article, I will show you 10 simple ways you can earn your readers’ trust and respect, so they remain glued to you and your content.

But before then let’s take a look at the word trust, of course you know that it is earned and not gained.


Trust means that we have confidence in the intentions and motives of the other party. And you will respect the person you trust likewise.

Let’s kick it off from this definition, after reading this article, you will come to realize that everything simply articulates to the definition above.

Simple Ways To Earn Your Readers Trust

Here are 10 simple ways you can earn your readers’ trust and respect, so they remain glued to you and your content.

Ways To Earn Your Readers Trust
Simple Ways To Earn Your Readers Trust and Respect

1. Introduce Yourself

Your readers want to know you, say your real name and not a funky one, you can use a small bio to tell them about you, it gives them a reassurance that they know a little about you.

Also adding pictures of you make them know that you are real and not an alien it a robot.

2. Share You

Sometimes share your story with them, share your struggles, pains, victories, joy e.t.c.

It creates a connection feeling between you and your readers, some of them might be in the same situation as you, and your article might be one that comes in and save the day.

3. Be You

Often times, I see people lose their art, just because they want to write same as their role model. Though it’s not a crime to aspire to write as your role models, it becomes one when you lose your voice in the process.

Your writing should reflect your personality. You can’t write humour and physically you lack humour. When your readers get to meet you, and they find out you are the worst phlegmatic. Find and own your voice.

If you are sassy in nature, let it reflect.

4. Build an Emotional Connection

This point should have come first, because once you get this right, then you have earned their trust.

Write genuinely.  Let them know you feel their pain. Write for one person, and talk to that person.

This point also covers “authenticity”,

Never claim an article that isn’t yours. It’s called plagiarism and it’s an offense.

If you find an article worth sharing, then you must acknowledge the author.Click To Tweet

The same thing goes for a quote or any part of a book you curbed.

5. Be Consistent and Patient

Often times, you won’t get an immediate reaction from your readers. But the best thing you need to know is that they are reading; they just want to know if you know what you are saying.

They want to know how long you will be there for them.

Take, for example, you have been leading a set of people and the next thing you take off without informing them. They will begin to starve of information and gradually walk away from you.

If you reappear out of the moon again, it will take some effort to get them back. That’s if you can because they will be thinking “who knows when he’s going to jet out on us again.”

In order words, consistently put out rich content, and patiently wait for them to turn up. We will discuss what to do when you have their attention in the next point.

6. Ask For Feedback

Ways To Earn Your Readers Trust By Asking Question
Ways To Earn Your Readers Trust By Asking Question

You can do this by using CTA (call to action) in your articles. This can be done by asking a question – asking them of their thought about the subject matter and lots more.

It gives them the impression that you are teachable and feel elated sharing their knowledge.

7. Listen and Respond

The best way to make yourself irresistible is when you listen to them.

Don’t appear opinionated. Be open and accept what they have to say and respond to them in a polite way.

You asked for feedback, it’s only right you reply them.

8. Follow Them Up

This works wonders; this is the top secret most successful writers won’t tell you.

Take out time to communicate with your readers, sometimes through calls or private messages, you can arrange a meet and greet.

One sure way is to send them a genuine message asking them about their well-being.

Note: This is strictly for them, it’s their moment, let them have it.

Don’t try to sell yourself or your product. If they have issues they want to talk about, give them a listening ear and if possible a solution.

This act will earn you their trust faster than you imagined.

You can also take interest in what they do;

If they are into business, give them tips that will enhance their business. Do free advert for them, and if they are bloggers, read their work, comment, applaud and share their work.

In all, you do celebrate them.

I expect your testimony just by doing this.

9. Teach Them

It doesn’t necessarily have to be about you all the time, in as much as they want to get to know you and connect emotionally with you, they also want to grow.

They want to get value for every minute they spend on you, by now you know your work represents you.

They want to know you are the “go-to-man” for something specific.

Teach them, give them practical value. I say practically because there are some things on paper that can’t be easily put into our daily lives.

10. Follow Through On Your Word And Use Testimonial

This aspect is tricky, with the tons of activities we get to do a day, one is likely to forget a promise to do a specific task

You might have promised to do a content marketing series for 14 days, but you were unable to complete it.

Do not embark on another task without first giving a public apology to your audience as to why you the former was incomplete.

When you say something, own it, and follow through otherwise apologize for your lapses.

Another way is the use of testimonials, I call this the speed boot.

A testimonial is an evidence of your course; it shows them that when they act on what you tell them to do the result is inevitable.


Nobody wants to be stuck in what doesn’t yield a result.

We have been able to talk about what you should and shouldn’t do to earn your readers trust.

If these 10 steps are implemented, then I can assure you, you are going to skyrocket your influence.

What steps will you put into practice today?

Did this add any value to you?

Written by Ewere Sonia Aisosa

Ewere Sonia Aisosa is a writer, public speaker, and a life productivity coach. She is the Host and Founder of SoniTalks - a podcast show whose mission is about creating the right path for turning people's personal stories to Gold.

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