Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020 in 8 easy steps

Many companies focus on social media marketing on just ad hoc basis. They really want to do something about social media, but they have no idea what to do.

Some companies provide access to their social media accounts to their junior employees because they are young, so they should have an idea about social media.

Every business needs to think about a social media marketing strategy and run the business social accounts carefully.

In this article, we will discuss eight effective steps that every business should take to make sure that their social media strategy is realistic and helpful.

Let’s get started.


1. Set practical and realistic social media marketing goals

Social Media Marketing Goals 2019

One of the significant issues faced by many companies involved in social media is that they have never set realistic and appropriate social media marketing objectives.

They just know that they should be on social media but they don’t know the reason for being there.

Your social media goals should be made according to business planning as a whole.

Strategic goals can help you determine how your business is going to make progress. Your social media marketing objectives need to balance your underlying business goals


2. Have smart goals

Some businesses set too vague goals that have no real meaning if you carefully analyze them.

It is important to remember that social media strategy should help a business to grow. Thus, the goals of a business should be smart

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

If you set smart goals, it will be easy for you to achieve them. You also need to make sure that you meet your set business goals.

If you really want to achieve set goals, they should be practical and attainable goals.

You might want to have millions of Instagram followers, but that’s not a realistic goal to meet this goal within the upcoming few years for most of the companies, even for those who are extremely well established.

It is also necessary to have some constraints. You don’t need to approach every social network.

There are various social media platforms but you need to choose your social media platform wisely. You need to focus on a social media network where your target audience spends much time.


3. Build an audience persona

It does not matter whatever your business is your target market will be made up of various audience groups.

You need to split up that data to find out which is your target audience, on which social network they spend most of their time, what content they get interested in and more.

For every audience group, you need to have an image, which can help you determine your followers clearly.

90 % of businesses using audience images state that they have a fair idea about the choices of their customers.


4. Understand your social media target market

Not all social media target market is the same. Many people use social media in several different ways.

If you want to meet your objectives, you need to use the same social media platforms as your target market.

Likewise, if you like to involve in influencer marketing, it is important to make sure that you get involved with the influencers whose target market matches your target market.

You might be a middle-aged person who uses facebook. Nevertheless, if you don’t try to match the target audience of your company, you cannot instinctively suppose that your clients will also be using Facebook.

Web design companies can help you enhance your digital presence.

Analyze the Competition; You can learn from your competition because they are already using the social media platform for their businesses.


5. Conduct a competitive analysis

A competitive analysis enables you to have an idea about your rivals and what they are doing good.

You will have a fair idea about what you need to do in your business which is being already performed in that sector by competitors, which can help you set some social media target of your business.

This analysis can also help you cater to more opportunities.


For instance:

One of your rivals leads on Facebook, but not much dominant on Instagram or Twitter.

You can concentrate on the social media platforms where your target market is not served well, instead of trying to win from the competition on the dominant social media network by a competitor.


6. Conduct a social media analysis

Asses your current efforts

If you already use social media tools, you need to asses your performance that what you have done so far and what you have accomplished. You need to ask some questions to yourself:

  • What’s working for our target audience and what’s not?
  • With whom you are engaging on social media?
  • Which social media websites your target audience use?
  • How good your digital presence is when compared to your competitors?

Once you have all this data gathered, you will have a clear direction to make improvements.

Create appropriate content to share with your target audience

Content is the most important part to be successful on social media platforms. One of the significant issues businesses has that they share extra promotional material; l on a social media platform.

Social media platform was made to interact not to sell your products.

Thus, you need to consider the limit of the content you may want to share on the social media platform, it should be a combination of knowledge and entertaining materials, with less proportion of promotional material integrated into it.

You can also share the content of other people and like that. Web design agencies can provide you’re the appropriate content.


7. Set an appropriate time to post and make a content calendar

Content Marketing Calender 2019

While you could manually create all of your social media posts, that is not effective and may not bring good outcomes.

Most of that social media platform now uses some sort of algorithm to get the best results and provide them to the target audience.

Web designing agencies are focusing to produce high-quality content in order to engage with the audience.

It means that if your post is not updated when the target audience is online, you may not get a chance to reach them.


8. Asses your results and improve

There is always no guarantee that things will work as you ASSUMED.

If you don’t asses your results, you will never know the success of your social media efforts.


This article is written by Maria Porter who is a professional writer and working with one of the leading Web Designing CompanyWebExperts company. She loves to read books and write on different topics related to Marketing.


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