Social Media Privacies for Children and Teenagers

You may have seen young kids and teens spending hours and hours on their cell phone gadgets. Do you know why they gazing the smartphone screen all day long and what they really do on the phones? The advancement over the years in the technology has integrated especially the young minds with the technology creatures such as smartphones, tablets, pads and as well as the computer machines.

On the other hand, these tech-gadgets connected with the internet, it becomes more vulnerable for youth. It provides young kids and teens plenty instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Whatsapp, Snapchat and plenty of others alike.

Therefore, the rain of social networking apps is creating plenty of issues in the lives of young kids and teens. The social media is making the young youth of the world obsessed with the cell phones and they do plenty of activities such texting, sexting, calls, shared media files such as photos and videos, VOIP calls and chat conversations on the instant messengers.

So, there will be chances that young kids and teens may get the encounter with the cyber bullies, stalkers, and sexual predators and start doing blind dating without parent’s consent.With these effects, parents should monitor social media activates of their children.

Set Social Media Privacies On Children & Teens

1. Parents should be role model

Parents have to be a role model for young children and for teens when they are using the digital media in front of their kids.  Young children initially learn all the habits from their parents that spend all the time with them. So, parents need to careful especially when they doing something and their kids are around.

2. Don’t Allow Underage Kids to Use Social Media

We often heard that preteens and the young kids have their accounts on the plenty of trendy social messaging apps these days. So, parents should not allow the underage kids to use the social messaging apps such as tinder, Facebook, and others social apps in the very early age when they don’t have prior knowledge of the online world.

3. Visit the Privacy Settings

It is very common these days young kids and teens that use smartphones and social messaging apps don’t bother to fix the privacy settings to their phones and as well as on the online media apps. These things may put your kids and teens in real danger. They often use their complete names on their social media profiles and even put their phone on location mod. So parents have to take care of their children and teens these kinds of bad habits.

4. Use Cell Phone Spying Software

Parents can use the best android spy apps that allow a user to monitor all the kids and teens activities on their cell phone and also has the power to track the social media activities of kids and teens to the fullest. It allows a user to spy on all the trendy social messaging apps, views browsing history, shared media files on online media platforms such as photos and videos and parents can block the internet remotely if something is going wrong on their devices.

5. Make Some Ground Rules

Parents should make some ground rules at their homes regarding the use of social media apps on the phone or on the computer devices. Set a specific time period for your kids and teens to use the online media apps and tell them the consequences they may face if disobeyed your principles. If your kids and teens don’t bother to obey your rules then don’t use those social media for some days as the penalty or monitor kid’s social media.

6. Guide Some Basic Principle of Using Social Media

Guide your kids and teens don’t bother to reply the people you don’t know on social media and don’t make such friends that want to meet you in real life. Parents should also teach their kids to set their profiles on custom and don’t dare to share their media files especially in the shape of photos and videos. Furthermore, parents should guide teens about the online dangers and threats they may face in their lives. They should not share their contact numbers on their social networking apps profiles.


Social media privacies for kids and teens are very important to protect them from online dangers and to prevent indulging in the habits that may ruin their lives.

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Written by Angela Smith

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