How Strong Is Your Writing Inner Critic?


How Strong Is Your Writing Inner Critic?

What a nasty little voice huh? Your writing inner critic does its absolute best to ensure that you do not write blog posts or guest posts. Forget about ebooks. My writing inner critic told me for the longest time that nobody would read my ebooks and nobody would buy my ebooks so why bother? Good thing I did not listen to this negative voice filled with fears. I eventually began writing books and from there everything took off for me. But what about your writing inner critic? Does this voice ring loud and clear in your mind? Even worse, do you trust this voice implicitly? Never trust fear because fear leads you down a path you do not want to take.

 Never surround yourself with hypercritical writers because these human beings do not love and accept themselves. The critical crowd becomes completely dominated by their inner critic and prides themselves on concepts like being a perfect writer or being a merciless editor. In truth, anybody who possesses a strong writing inner critic does not love and accept themselves and simply makes life and writing more difficult. I recall seeing a six-figure earner during my new be blogging days over a decade ago. I could not understand. Why did the blogger make over $100,000 a year when their grasp on the English language was tenuous at best? Turns out, the individual became completely confident in their writing voice and got clear on his writing style. He did not care that he was rough around the writing edges. He simply accepted himself and his writing. Few writers can make this boast. The few who do, become wildly successful.

 I have observed highly-skilled writers who struggle to make a penny because their minds dictate the results. Being skilled means almost nothing if you carry a hypercritical negative view of yourself because of Life proceeds according to your self-image. Get clear of fears that drive your inner critic. Practice writing like the dickens but learn to observe and feel inner critical pinings to release these negative energies. Come to accept that you are good enough. Love yourself. Embrace yourself. Embrace your unique writing style. No two snowflakes are alike just like no two writers are alike. We each have our genuine voice to share with the world even if the voice appears to be rough around the edges.

 My ebook for finding your writing voice is a simple read. But for a sustained period pf time it was the number one ranked e-book on all of Amazon in its category. I believe at last count 57 of the 59 reviews are all five star. Why? I allow you to find your writing voice through the ebook, however the voice sounds. I do not care if English is your second language or if English is your third language. Your voice is beautiful as long as you own it and accept it. The more you write the more comfortable you get with your writing voice however it sounds so keep writing and accept how your voice maybe different from the herd but different is what makes you special and successful. I know these concepts sound weird to seasoned writers but when you understand writing is an energy game you get how self acceptance is the key to both peace of mind and blogging success. 

I suggest surrounding yourself with Legions of loving, accepting writers. Hang with people who see the special nature of your writing voice however the voice unfolds. Inner critics dissolve at the touch of love. Surrounding yourself with love allows the inner critic to dissolve into acceptance. Of course you will practice writing to get clearer and more confident. Read native speakers to dissolve grammar errors and other common writing mistakes but learn to accept how you write if you want to really put your blogging and writing career into overdrive. 

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