The Taste of Life In Africa (Poem)

The Taste of Life In Africa

The Taste of Life In Africa (Poem)

Living life in Africa is not a tragedy
It takes knowing your purpose for clarity
Man has struggled a lot and much
At a great list, no charity
Money isn’t everything
But life isn’t funny

You can have money, no great match
Life is a truth a two wall face
Living life shouldn’t be based on money
It’s worth something and sometimes worth nothing
Wealth knows no beautiful face
To whom works it comes money

Nature is never partial
The journey of living is crucial
Problems arise every day
Like water spills every way
No man is destined to be sick
No more poverty, don’t stick

Many are poor today
Just because of the decisions they took yesterday
Your decision can make you rich
Your decisions can make you poor
Where you can’t feature
You don’t have your future

Not every one that teaches today
Dream to be a teacher
It could be a decision made yesterday
Or, what they heard from a preacher
The life we create, we live

Diligence is a taproot to greatness
Bad attitude, sets you up and leave
Money can’t make you great
You can make great money
Laziness keeps you late

Be sure of the source of your money!

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