Down It falls in tiny drops
out of my eyes
to the floor, as my
head is bent.
Knoweth thou what that
tiny drop have in it?

The pain I can’t express,
the words I do not utter,
they have formed themselves to
become liquid.

O yes! Let it drop from my eyes
I need not hold it back
what good would it be?
that I restrain it, and not feel relief.

Little drops of pain
Little drops of frustration
Little drops of depression
Little drops of fear and rejection
Fall to the floor, and let me have relief.

My heart is heavy
My mind is like a busy highway
Thoughts go to and fro like cars on the expressway.
Tiny drops fall to the floor and let me find peace.

The bitterness in my heart for so long, is like a cloud and now it pours down like rain
but in tiny drops.

I was in need of help, you neglected me, you turned your back, and your ears you made deaf to my call for help.
I was the trash you needed to avoid.
Now you give me this little piece of clothe and ask me to
wipe my eyes and stop this
tiny drops from falling.

Get thee far from me.
I was in pain, you laughed at me.
I fell down, and you mocked me
You walked over me like
I was your foot mat.

Now I can’t hold the pain anymore
and I let the tiny drops fall.
You bring this piece of cloth and you say wipe your tears.
How can I stop the only thing that soothes me from falling?

I was hungry, yet your leftovers
you threw in the gutters,
when I stretched my hands for even
crumbs to taste.

I look at you and the pain gets worse.
Oh let this little tiny drops fall to the
floor and make a pool, that I can swim in and get rid of my sorrows.

The Creator made you rich that
you may help me when I
have no bread, but no, I am the filthy rag, you do not want around you.
So you sent me away when I came begging for even a glass of water.

Far away from me you go
let the contents of my heart,
travel to the maker and let him
send someone who will clothe me and give me bread.

Away you go from my side.
Go and make amends with the maker.
For I want to sit here alone and let my
cry, rise to the maker.
Oh tiny drops fall.

About the Poem

This poem is simply a picture of some cruel people in the world who have been blessed by God(the Creator) to help the less privileged but they don’t.

From the poem you can see that the person shedding tears(tiny drops) have gone through so much and was neglected and rejected.

Now crying is the only thing that makes her feel relief from her sorrows.
She tells the rich person to go away from her and go make amends with the Creator.

In the poem, the rich person never said a word because of guilt.

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