7 Tried and Tested Tips to Run Your Blog Successfully

tips to run a blog successfully

7 Tried and Tested Tips to Run Your Blog Successfully

Today we’ll be looking at a list of 7 tested and proven tips to run a blog successfully.

Even as a new blogger or a beginner when it comes to blogging, there are certain mistakes newbie bloggers make you need to avoid too.

As WordPress.com conducted research and found out that websites users nearly produce 64.3million new blog posts every month. This speaks volumes of how popular blogging has become.

When you are familiar with the online world, you cannot deny the fact that blogging provides you immense businesses opportunities, regardless of the fact whether you are an amateur own an established business.

Furthermore, you can share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the rest of the world. Anyone can start a blog. But how to run a successful blog is the real challenge.

Today you will learn how you can run your blog successfully:

1. Find a Niche and Work on that Only:

It depends upon you what goal you have in your mind. Some want to gain fame and followers, some want to make money from home while others own a business and need to drive traffic to their business.

You may be motivated to write about traveling, cooking, crafting, technology, health & fitness or maybe you simply want to share your experiences with others.

2. Make Sure Your Niche is Worth Writing For:

You may be passionate about a certain niche, but this is not enough. What the successful bloggers do is they blog about a niche that people want to read about.

How can you know your niche is profitable? Matt Woodward from tells in No Nonsense SEO and Affiliate Marketing that a secret of establishing whether you have the right niche is to find minimum five blogs in the same niche with at least 10,000 followers. Otherwise, revise your niche and pick something else that meets the requirement.

A very common mistake many bloggers make is to pick a highly competitive niche and find out that already much of work has been done and they find nothing new to work on.

3. Target the Right People:

Once you know what and why of your blog, the next tip is to take your blog to the right people. You must know who is going to read your blog, what they will get out of it and why at first place they should read your blog.

Once you have determined your audience, it will greatly help you in defining your voice and establishing your identity as a blogger.

Think about running a blog like running a business, for instance, what products and services business should give to a certain target market. Similar is the case with your blog and audience.

4. Don’t be Afraid of Writing Lengthy but Value Added Content:

Out of millions of blogs out there, what makes few blogs rising above the competition? It’s the value they add through their content in the lives of their readers.

This is not possible through writing a brief and short post. Without a long post, you cannot provide value to your readers. Your readers need something in return for their time spending on your blog.

While crafting your long blog posts, make sure it is:

  • well researched
  • contains examples that drive the point home
  • data is visually explained through infographics, pictures or graphs
  • should have a provocative title

If the title is what drives people to your blog, the content should also be coherent and fulfill the promise to provide your readers with a piece of in-depth and thorough information about the subject. You can think of the questions people ask in daily lives, their comments, and concerns about the problem.

Moreover, you can get inspiration from the already published good content and spin it in your own unique way. Remember, it takes time to build a long list of followers and posts so be patient and post consistently.

5. Pick Your Own Writing Style:

Following someone else’s writing style is suicidal for your blog. Taking inspiration is another thing, but make sure you have your own unique voice, opinion, expression and writing style. For this you need to cater to two aspects:

  • Talk to your readers personally:

Readers are very good at pointing out whether you are authentic in your voice or simply writing for SEO purposes. If you have been providing your readers with your own reflection on certain experiences, they know your original voice and who you are. And will spot when you are not being your own self. So, be authentic while you blog about an idea.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition:

When you offer variety, people want to read your blog. Your readers need a variety of ideas, opinions, and self-expression. You need to consistently show them that you are different from the competitions and providing them a variety that keeps their interest intact.

6. Learn about Different Types of Posts and Utilize them:

When we speak of variety in blogging we don’t only rely on ideas. Rather, think of adding variety in your blog posts. A successful blogger knows how to give variety to the readers by presenting the information in different types of posts.

This includes:

  • infographics,
  • videos,
  • cheat sheets,
  • podcasting
  • How-Tos
  • Tutorials
  • Interviews

Also remember, you do research on determining what post type will be more suitable for a certain topic. You can look at other websites or use tools such as Buzzsumo to get an idea about the trends and statistics given the blog post type.

7. Schedule Your Blog Posts:

While consistency is the key to success in achieving any goal this is true for you blogging as well. Successful bloggers publish content on a regular basis.

Moreover, they can tell you from their experience that their blog posts perform best when they publish on the time when their readers expect the post.

For instance, if you are publishing How-To posts randomly your readers will not expect and appreciate the post as they would if you publish on every Monday morning.

To have an idea, think about the blogs you are following, observe their publishing frequency and the time they post their blog.

Although you will feel pressurized crafting lengthy posts in the early hours of the morning to meet the deadlines, however, it will pay you off.

This way, your readers will expect the blog and social media posts that will help in keeping them engaged.

Simply do it!

Starting a blog or a new business is just like following a diet plan.

You may listen or read dozens of tips and advice, but in the end, you have to work on it. You have to do it. If you want more tips on blogging, keep visiting our blog.

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