Most bloggers have the posture of an earthworm which skips its core exercises.

You know what I mean; that lack of confidence and clarity that manifests as struggle and miserable failure.

I see blogging posture as having great clarity and confidence in what you do, blogging-wise. Although you are humble, you don’t fall apart like a house of cards when it’s time to price your products and services. You will only allow top bloggers to guest post on your blog and you will delete any spammy, low-value comments.

Posturing bloggers don’t fear to reach out to top bloggers and placing guest posts on established, popular, authority blogs, either.

Before I lit this up, here are simple steps to develop good blogging posture.

How can you develop blogging posture?

Follow these 4 tips.

1: Create Premium Products

Create premium products.

Develop strong blogging posture.

I have 126 eBooks, 30 plus audio books, 30 paperbacks and 4 products in my blogging arsenal.

I also offer blog coaching services to help my readers.

Writing a high volume of helpful eBooks and creating premium courses helped me become more confident in my blogging abilities. I am clear on the fact that I know my blogging stuff. As my clarity around what I had to offer increased I also developed greater posture.

When that silly little ego chatter pops off in your head, telling you that you aren’t good enough or skilled enough to create premium products and that nobody will buy your products anyway, tell that voice to shut up, feel your fear, and do it anyway.

Sit with your non-posturing, fearful energies to clear these energetic lies so you can act from a posturing, clear space.

2: Hobnob with Blogging Big Dawgs

Comment on top blogs.

Promote top bloggers through social media and through your blog.

Patiently build friendships with established pro bloggers – the blogging big dawgs of the world – to feast on their posturing, clear, confident energy.

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If you fear following up with your email list or creating high-end products, following and networking with someone like John Chow will set you straight really quickly.

Top bloggers teach you how to handle yourself. By surrounding yourself only with the blogging creme de la creme you will automatically take on some of their posturing qualities.

3: Work on Your Mindset

Work on your mindset. As within, so without.

Spend 30 minutes or longer on waking to do the inner work to build your blogging posture.

Clearing out the fear-based energies you may cling to helps you develop confidence and clarity in your abilities.

Meditate, pray, do yoga and spend a little time in a cold shower to raise your energy and to face your fears.

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Following a strict daily morning, the ritual has played a huge part in my blogging success.

If you raise your energy every single day you will do amazing things in your blogging niche.

4: Raise Your Prices

My course sales and eBook sales increased when I raised my prices.

Ditto for my blog consulting client base.

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By charging significantly more money for all that I offer I raised my posture, cleared fear energy about charging too much and naturally made more money.

Build your blogging posture. Charge premium rates. Allow in prospering folks who gladly drop money on your products and services.

Your Turn

How are you developing your blogging posture?

What tips can you add to this list?

The eBook

If you want to develop blogging posture buy my eBook:

How to Develop Blogging Posture

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Comments to: 4 Tips To Develop Blogging Posture
  • Hi Ryan,

    You did a great job on Akwarandu’s WorldWritersHub.

    When I saw the topic I felt it was the physical posture.

    These are sure and working tips.

    Following and promoting the big boys is surest of all tips.

    In that way, you promote yourself too. (I am actually writing a post on it)

    Again I agree with you on that of raising the price of your products.

    It gives you confidence and proves to others that you know what you are doing.

    Thanks a bunch Ryan for dropping these awesome tips.

    Have a nice week.

    – Golden

  • Hi Ryan,

    What an interesting concept. I’m totally agree with your mentions, Promoting top blogger through Social media is very good thing in order to make connection with them. Not only for connection but we can learn so many thing from them. Thanks for sharing.


  • Great detailed article Ryan

  • Thanks for sharing the marvelous info. It is an excellent article which helps me a lot. I expect we will get this type of informative article more and more.

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