4 Reasons Why You Should Say “No” to Online Partnerships

tips to say no to online partnerships

One of the strangest qualities emerges from the new, green online entrepreneur.

These folks tend to make the mind-boggling but common mistake of hopping into online partnerships with anybody who pitches them.

Of course, this poorly thought out, improperly filtered ventures sink like the Titanic after a few days, weeks or months.

Learning how to refuse bad business matches opens you up to fun, prospering and profitable online partnerships.

For the purposes of this article, the phrase “online partnership” means some online venture, whether joint business ventures (like a JV) or taking on clients for your freelance or coaching business.

Check out these 4 reasons why you should say “no” to an online partnership.

1. Desperate Pleading

If a potential business partner desperately chases you down say “no” to these individuals immediately.

This is a surefire red flag that the partnership will go to custard quickly.

Calm, confident, assured, successful entrepreneurs are fairly detached and blase about business partnerships. These are the folks you want to work with.

I recall someone recently who sent me a pitch email. I politely declined the potential partnership. Instead of accepting the kindly but clear answer, the individual emailed me back asking why I was refusing them.

Obviously, this is an unconfident, desperate and fearful person who would be a poor business partner.

Said individual followed up with an email asking me to refer them to my friends, showing how off they really are.

Not happening of course; why would I refer a desperate, fearful entrepreneur to my trusted friends?

Let go desperate matches immediately. Allow them to gain confidence and clarity so they find ideal, prospering matches at the right time for them.

2. Out of Your Niche

Skip partnerships if you are not in the same niche as your fellow entrepreneur.

Targeting is essential to prosper one another through your bond.

If you blog in the personal development niche and your potential partner hails from the blogging tips niche you will have a tough time finding a product that benefits both parties.

Stick with folks from your niche.

Form prospering partnerships by doing business with individuals who have similar audiences so both parties can prosper accordingly.

3. General Lack of Chemistry

Some potential partnerships are doomed to fail because of a general lack of chemistry.

It could be as simple as feeling a bit off when you two chat. Or perhaps they are a go-getting, ready and raring, super duper hustler while you are a laid back, chill, relaxed type.

Whatever the case may be you know when the chemistry is off.

Avoid developing online business partnerships if your potential partner is not on the same wavelength as you.

One obvious case would be if you focused heavily on rendering service to build a business yet your potential partner placed a heavy premium on making money.

If they are all about getting and you are all about giving this will obviously lead to a failed, strained business relationship.

4. Red Flags

Certain red flags pop up during some partnerships.

Do not ignore these warning signals.

Example; a number of years ago I decided to write an article for a potential client. The blogger had a fairly big rep online but didn’t seem to vibe with me (see tip #3).

I took on the job against my better judgment.

I spent a few hours crafting an in-depth, thoughtful, detailed article for him. I went above and beyond to write the piece from his perspective.

He did not like the work. He even refused to pay me a cent even though he promised to do so before I wrote the piece, even for a practice article.

I immediately honored a few red flags:

  • He saw things from a full 180 from my perspective, which is almost always a sign that you are not a match
  • He refused to pay me even though he promised payment for a practice article.

I let him go, politely saying how we were not a match.

I see him around sometimes online. Nice guy with some success for sure but of course I’d never entered any type of partnership or working arrangement with him again, just because we are not an energetic match.

Nothing personal.

Honor red flags like a breach of contract, a broken promise, or a fundamental difference in viewpoints. Simply let go and move on.

Never make it personal. Just accept that you were not a good match and hit the road.

The eBook

If you want to know how to turn down an online partnership buy my eBook:

5 Tips for Learning How to Say “No” to an Online Partnership

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?

Why would you refuse an online partnership?

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