Pros have seen every trick in the blogging eBook thousands of times. Scanning spam folders of blogs where I guest post, tens of thousands of bloggers and business owners try to get over on pro bloggers. Spam. Lots of spam. Spammers genuinely believe professional – and amateur – bloggers are easily fooled, deceived and duped. As if writing a comment about your business easily and seamlessly gets past spam filters, we read it, believe it’s a legit comment, and publish the comment. Free business advertising for you. Sounds like a square deal. But of course, this is not a square deal because we have seen these silly tricks thousands of times, spot the spam, and trash it, and you just wasted more time and energy trying to get over on established, professional bloggers.

Why not try a different approach? Create value. Relax. Be generous. Become valuable, in the eyes of serious pro bloggers. Stop trying to get something for nothing. Stop trying to get by on bloggers. Patiently, persistently, relax and simply share value to become valuable. This is a completely different approach at first because you are used to trying to get, not trying to give, to earn trust. Make the shift. Even if it feels like a quantum leap, take it. Besides; you are wasting your time with the foolish, spamming approach, anyway.

Focus on giving over getting. You need to be generous in order to succeed online. Point blank, trying to get over on the people who help you succeed is the stupidest way to try to build your blogging business. Spend a few moments writing a genuine, generous blog comment that aids your fellow blogger. Add value to blog posts versus trying to be a horrible leach who tries to suck up traffic and profits wherever you appear. These folks dissolve into blogging obscurity fast, anyway, being marked with the spammer scarlet letter of “S”. Trying to get before you give precedes struggle, failure and quitting. Giving freely precedes success. Observe the difference between greedy, desperate spammers and the generous, successful, pro bloggers of the world. One tries to get from energies of fear. One gives from the energies of love, from their heart. Keep giving. Stop trying to GET over and give to these top pros in order to build bonds, to befriend blogging big dawgs and to learn from the best how to blog the right way.

The road to successful blogging is paved not with greediness, desperation and self-serving, but giving, generosity and service to others. I get lost in helping people all day long. How in the heck could I publish up to 14 posts daily between my blog and via guest posts? Giving rocks. Serving feels good. Feels good for the heart and soul, and also helps you uncover the secret to worldly blogging success, too. Giving freely precedes receiving easily and trying to get precedes struggles. You know the blogging route to take. Besides; we have seen all the dirty tricks in the blogging book, anyway. Why waste your time and go backward when you can spend your time effectively and move forward? Focus on adding genuine comments. Promote fellow bloggers on your blog. Mention bloggers on social media. Shine the spotlight on other bloggers because blogging buddies you make by being generous amplify your blogging success in a wonderful way.


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