Wanting To Tell God (Poem)

Wanting To Tell God (Poem)

I’m starving!
Why does it take too long for justice to be served?
A slice of Esau’s porridge
Chunk of manna
Or salt from Lot’s wife

God is asleep
Not upstairs in the sky
But in the hearts of men

God is a School of continuing education
A man of unfinished talks
Torn chapters
Updated every minute

Can’t be contained in a book
He would spill over
Can’t you see his handwriting?
Indelible marks on the wall

I hear your footsteps leaving heaven every day
Why does it take so long for you to come down
Why do people keep shouting on you
Are you truly deaf?

Who are you?
A figurehead?
Do you just sit & cry?
Tilting your neck in conflicting directions?
As your eyes feast on gory images down here
It’s time to find new routines for you

You must be macho
With vigour oozing out of your clogged pores
Little wonder the earth trembles
At your touch

You are a puzzle
Lying helplessly on a board
A bunch of letters
Pictures, numbers
Name it!

Purveyor of a trillion dialects
Sprouting from the tower of babel
Tongue twisters
Which is your favorite language?

How old are you?
They say you are time immemorial
I wonder how you came into being

Are you an introvert?
Why are you so shy to utter a word
What’s happening up there?

I just want to check on you
Drop your address
Place a ladder to support my wobbly knees
Or you can paddle me across the red sea
Guess I don’t need a boarding pass

Who is death?
Your personal assistant?
Do you have friends at all?
Warn him not to strike because the world would soon be empty

Does he tell you how he invades our privacy?
Plucking life from our trees
Tears overflooding our sockets

Are you the same God that lives at the mountain of fire
Redeeming some people
Who are the winners Those who built their house on the rock?

Do you wear feathered caps
That distinguishes you as the CEO of the world
Squaring shoulders in your agbada
That’s why you slay
I heard you have 24 old men nodding their heads in your dynasty
Full time!

What do you think about the traffic?
Blaring sirens to find your way
Hope you know it would delay us on the last day
Please take note!

How do you sleep with the noise
Emanating from rickety generators
Competing with their neighbors
Loud enough to resurrect a dead man

Why does your name rain fire and brimstone?
Leaving scalds that soothes the nerves

When will you prepare that table
I want to eat with you
Is Lazarus still picking crumbs
I want a brand new dish

Dear God,
I want to ask you out
Run your fingers through my mind
And choose the date!

Baba G!
E go be!

We are different folks
It all depends on who you call God
This is who I call GOD!

About the Poem

“I sit on the fence all day waiting to hear from God, I guess he keeps missing his flight”.

Here’s to bringing God a little closer by striking a conversation with him, with crossed fingers, hoping he answers.

God has a way of creeping into my heart as I scramble for clarity. I am simply begging the question of negligence on his part!

Who knows, he might be busy to notice me

How could I have forgotten

It’s distance!

I just want to know…
What does he think of me!
Of us!

Written by Michelle Chiamaka Nnanyelugo

With a flair for speaking, Michelle dabbles in spoken word artistry and podcasting. Currently breaking out of her confines, she has a lot running through her mind, hence scribbles for a living.

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