Content marketing is becoming ever more present in today’s world, and while the upsides of using it for your marketing strategy are clear, it’s becoming harder to fully utilize it and set yourself apart.

This is mostly due to the tendency of companies to copy what industry leaders are doing instead of focusing on what the core value of content marketing is, original and diversified content.

So, here are some ideas on how you can achieve just that.

1. Start making videos

Videos have become the preferred way for customers to view content, as they stimulate most of their senses while also requiring substantially less effort to follow than reading a text.

And, with YouTube reaching around 1.8 billion users in 2018, and other major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter continually working on improving their video viewing experiences, diversifying your content marketing by making videos is becoming the most efficient way to move forward.

Up until this point, you’ve probably kept away from experimenting with this way of content marketing as you assumed it’s going to take up too much of your time and money.

However, with the advancements in technology, it’s becoming easier than ever for anyone to start making videos.

The fact alone that you most likely have a high-end camera on your phone already takes care of most things you need to get going.

And, while you don’t need the blockbuster-level budget for all of your videos, you will nonetheless need to put some effort into making them, as they will be key in giving you the ability to stand out from the rest.

2. Start making podcasts

Podcasts have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past couple of years.

They fit perfectly into our busy lifestyle, where we spend hours on commutes, chores and other activities where our minds aren’t fully occupied but are still not free enough so that we can read an article or get fully immersed into a book.

And the best part is, just like with videos it doesn’t cost a lot to get started with making them, and the range of topics you can cover, and the number approaches you can take is nearly endless.


3. Don’t neglect your blogs

While it’s great to start implementing different forms of content, you shouldn’t forget about your main source of content marketing which should be your blog posts.

You still need to make sure that your blogs give valuable, interesting, and original information to your readers which will, in turn, improve your web traffic and increase your overall brand awareness.

However, instead of sticking to strict guidelines, you shouldn’t be afraid to start experimenting with new post formats.

Switch things up a bit, instead of posting standard length texts, alternate between longer forms for more technically demanding content and shorter forms for a wider appeal.

Another thing that can help you keep you your blog up to date is repurposing content.

You can do this through the process of transcription, where you can focus on making audio content which you can later transform into text and repurpose for a blog post.

This can not only help you repurpose your videos and podcasts, but you can also turn your live events and conferences into blog posts by using CART transcription, which would help you reach an even wider audience and spread your message to those who are unable to attend your events.

The only thing to keep in mind here is that you don’t want to annoy your audience by constantly reusing the same content.

Timing is key in order to make this work, which is why you will need to plan ahead and adequately time when publishing of specific content.


4. Combine infographics with social media

Creating infographics is another great way to make your content more appealing and easily digestible for users, as they allow you to send a message or explain a topic without going into too much detail, while still getting the main points and keeping everything interesting.

And, the best part is that they go along very well with social media.

Sharing an infographic on Twitter or Instagram is bound to attract a lot more attention than writing a post which will most likely just be glanced over.



When deciding to diversify your content marketing there are a lot of possible routes for you to take; however, no matter which one you decide on, the only way to start seeing real results is by being original and persistent with your content.

It may be hard at first, and you may not be seeing the results you expected but don’t forget that the only way to build traction with your content is to keep making it until you start seeing results.

Nevertheless, if you are determined and ready to take your content marketing to the next level the best time to do it is now.


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