Website Design Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Web Design Trends 2020 2021

There will be a good number of web design trends for 2021 going forward. New trends in web design are a consequence of technological development and the needs of the modern user who wants to use them simply and intuitively.

The increased interest of UX(User Experience) affects the conscious creation of websites focused on a specific target group and its way of using the internet. According to these needs, current trends in creating a web design for 2021 are built.

What is web design?

Web design is necessary to interest the user on the website and make it stay longer. Currently, websites are created differently than a few or several years ago.

It is no longer just a simple design, but an intuitive interface that attracts and invites you to interact. Website design is strongly focused on the potential user, his preferences, and his visual needs. 

For this reason, creating websites is somewhat more difficult than before, because it requires a thoughtful strategy related to the layout of the page, typography, color and overall composition, which will be tailored to the profile of the website and the target group.

The concept of User Experience is of great importance here. UX is the overall experience that the user experiences when using the website or mobile application. The goal of UX is to create a user/customer-oriented page that will take into account business assumptions.

Website development trends change as much as fashion. With the development of internet technology and power, the expectations of the user who wants to receive simple access to knowledge or intuitively go through the purchasing process in the online store also increase.

Web design is the whole work of creating a website that encourages the user to use the site and will be in line with current digital fashion.

Web Design Trends for 2021

How to customize the page to the needs and expectations of the user? Website development should be geared towards the recipient who craves simplicity, intuitive navigation, and pleasant design.

Find out what trends in web design reign in 2021 and what creation will encourage a potential recipient to make conversions. Some have been around for several years and are only gaining strength this year.

1. Mobile version of the website/responsiveness

Mobile devices are more eager and more often used than computers and laptops. It is through them that we browse pages, buy, use social media, or use voice search.

Therefore, in 2021 when creating a website, special attention should be paid to the adaptation to the mobile version. You have to design it with the assumption that for many users this look will be the main one.

The responsiveness of the website, i.e. matching the screen to various types of devices, means that the user does not have to bring the content of the page closer, but it adapts to the screen.

The RWD version and page loading speed are factors that can minimize bounce rates and positively affect page positioning.

2. No pagination/scrolling

When creating websites, user habits known especially from social media are taken into account, i.e. scrolling the page, not clicking it between subpages.

This feature reloads content when the user reaches the end of the screen. As a result, the site does not load holistically, which significantly reduces its response time.

Website pagination is slowly becoming a thing of the past, as users want to easily and quickly access interesting content.

Thumb-friendly is one of the strongest trends in creating websites (not only for mobile versions), which allows quick and intuitive navigation around the site.

3. Website features in the thumb-friendly trend:

  • One page layout
  • No pagination
  • Simple interface
  • Intuitive menu
  • Minimalism
  • No sliders
  • Clear navigation

4. Minimalism and brutality

The aesthetics of the site itself and its visual appearance has been dominated by minimalism and austerity.

Brutalism – as an architectural trend – was to show that the most important thing is the structure itself, not the envelope and beautifying effects.

According to this style, websites are also built-in 2021, which are devoid of a multitude of aesthetic ornaments. This is a trend that online stores are increasingly taking over. 

It focuses the user’s attention on the most important aspects of the site, i.e. the product or service. The website built according to this minimalist trend is gaining transparency but also loading speed (it is deprived of additional graphics and elements that slowed down this process).

Such a trend is gaining popularity among brands that are characterized by luxury and elegance, thanks to which the customer’s attention is focused entirely on the product and simple messages.

5. Minimalist websites are characterized by:

  • Clear contrasts
  • A clear and intuitive interface
  • monochromatic
  • The modern design used by premium brands
  • Simple font
  • Easier adaptation to mobile devices.

6. Moving graphics, video and motion design

The video trend is increasingly visible on the internet. A few seconds or minute videos are an important element of content. The popularity of this type of communication is demonstrated, among others, by YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

7. Short videos, moving graphics, and general movement on the site

These are the elements that increase interaction with the user, interest and condense knowledge. Also, they are interesting improvements in the functionality of the site, e.g. product presentation.

8. Animated logo/photos/video in the background

Moving graphic elements catch the user’s attention and immediately invite them to interact. Photos are often unable to fully reflect the actual image.

That is why motion design is a very important trend in creating websites, i.e. all moving pictures, gifs, and short films with which the user confronts. 

This type of graphic element on the page in a few seconds conveys the most important information, diversifies the appearance of the site, encourages you to stay and invites you to interact. Short movies or moving animations on the website make it more pleasant to read, more accessible, and “lively”. These elements have a very good impact on UX.

9. Video

In the era of Insta Stories and TikTok’ an increased interest in short films, which are an important element of content on the website.

Users are more eager to watch than reading, so it is worth enriching your site with short video reports that will quickly provide knowledge or inform about the specification of the service or product. However, this does not mean giving up substantive content, which is an important factor in website positioning.

10. Micro interaction

These are details that affect the positive perception of website use. Micro-interaction is the activity on the site, which is a kind of communication between the user and the website and makes it more accessible and pleasant.

Micro-interaction is, among others, the “like” button on the social networking site Facebook, which when clicked changes color and animates.

It is worth introducing such amenities on your website, e.g. when ordering or filling out forms. This interaction brings freshness to the functionality of the site.


11. Virtual product presentation

The photos do not fully reflect the appearance of the product – especially when they are not panoramic photos that can be rotated 360 °.

Product video presentations or virtual presentations will allow the customer to become more acquainted with the item before purchasing it. This presentation of the product reflects its real nature and significantly increases the chance of a sale.

12. Graphic storytelling 

Graphic stories also work well on pages, through which, for example, the purchasing or production process can be presented.

Such infographics are an important element of content on a website, because they convey, for example, instructions or a method of operation.

13. Handwritten letters and illustrations

These design elements are also gaining popularity, creating a kind of creative collage. This type of presentation of the interface allows primarily lifestyle pages, which combine freehand drawing and illustrations to add freshness and youthful vigor.

14. Motion design

It is one of the most expressive trends for website development in 2021, which affects the interaction with the user, improves conversion rate, and contributes to the improvement of the purchasing process.

15. Typographic website layout

Typography plays an important role in web design trends. Non-standard and clear typefaces, styling, and animating letters are features that emphasize the value of the message.

The trend is intensifying in which the main layout is the inscription. The rest of the website’s composition is built around it. Fonts on the site are often in maxi size and they primarily occupy a significant part of the page.

16. Creating user-oriented websites

More and more people are using the internet on mobile devices, and this type of use will only increase. The smartphone largely replaces the computer.

When creating websites in 2021, you need to pay attention to their adaptation to mobile devices, because for an increasing number of users such a homepage appearance will be the right one. Therefore, the currently created pages should be transparent, intuitive, fast, and easy to use.


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