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What Are You Willing to Do to Live Your Blogging Dreams? - World Writers Hub

Meet Jonathan Kuminga.

Today he decided to become a professional basketball player. Jonathan signed a contract to play in the G League in the USA. Next year, he will be one of the top 4 picks in the NBA draft.

He moved to the United States from Congo 5 years ago to pursue his dreams of playing in the NBA. Jonathan left his friends and family behind to live his dreams in a foreign land. I had heard of a talented freshman who played out on Long Island a few years ago. But a year ago, he decided to transfer to The Patrick School in New Jersey.

Look at the featured image for this post. I regularly sport The Patrick School shirts or hats because I followed the program for a good 30 years, all the way back to its St. Patrick days. The basketball powerhouse spawned many NBA players including superstar Kyrie Irving. I watched Jonathan’s growth this past year at TPS.

I saw how much he sacrificed to pursue his dreams, from practicing, to keeping up his grades, to basically living the game of basketball.

Now he positions himself to live his dreams but he gave up a lot to reach this station in life. He was willing to release his family, homeland and prior life to be the player he is today.

I grew up in a different country than Jonathan but know well how much one needs to release to live their dreams. I circle the globe as a traveling, pro blogger. I largely let go my old way of life and spent a decade blogging to be the person I am today.

My wife and I just sold the house and are giving up the cats to become full time digital nomads. We will miss having a home base in NJ – along with missing the kitties – but living our dreams has always required a progressive letting go.

What are you willing to give up to live your blogging dreams? Are you willing to work 8 hours each Saturday and Sunday blogging-wise because you have a full time job? Do you give up evening TV time to squeeze in 2-3 blogging hours each evening? How much energy do you give to mindset training?

Have you cut all sources of retreat? Jonathan cut ties to his family and homeland for years to be 100% focused on school and basketball. He did what he had to do to live his dreams. Now his dreams are coming into form.

Living your dreams can be a highly uncomfortable, challenging process, sometimes. JK had a solid year but had to deal with both a suspension due to eligibility issues and an ankle injury that put him on the sidelines for much of the regular season.

The Patrick School also got knocked out of the state tournament early but had the team won, COVID forfeitures shut down the season before any team won their state titles. But here he is, signing a sweet contract and devoting virtually all of his time and energy to basketball for the first time in his life.

Be willing to face:

  • fears
  • trials
  • tribulations
  • challenges

on your dream-living journey. I faced deep fears over the past decade of being a pro blogger. I blogged for over 15,000 hours. 15K hours into my blogging career, I write these words at 12:30 AM on a Thursday night. Blogging never ends. I have fun blogging but leave my comfort zone daily because I need to, to live my dreams and to inspire my readers to live their dreams.

Do whatever you need to do from a high energy intent to live your wildest dreams. 100% of the time, it’s worth it.


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