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What Blogging Activities Have You Outgrown? - World Writers Hub

Take stock from time to time; what needs to remain and what needs to go? Blogging-wise, I outgrow activities on the regular. Ditto for you. Or you should be outgrowing activities. Why? Let go to grow.

Bloggers grow into more successful bloggers by letting go any anchor holding bloggers back. For example, I used to accept most guest post and/or sponsored post opportunities.

I accepted, published and received payment without much thought or screening. But I outgrew this process as my skills, exposure and credibility expanded. I am much more stringent on what I publish. I also strike a sharp line between guest posts and sponsored post.

Some bloggers attempt to sneak a business name or flat out business endorsement into a guest post simply to advertise a business at half of my sponsored post rate. Nice try. The new me only publishes a post mentioning a business name if you pay my full sponsored post rate. I outgrew being bamboozled in such fashion. But the old me published sponsored posts masked as guest posts to be nice, to get money and to avoid any resistance.

Lesson learned. Now I am clear on all guest posts having zero endorsements or business mentions. Anything business-related – names, endorsements, etc – gets billed at my full sponsored post rate. I also stopped publishing sponsored posts and guest posts heavy on formatting and images because publishing such posts eats up too much time and energy to make it worth my generous rates.

I could raise rates. But I’d rather devote my time and energy to writing guest posts like this one to help more people and to prosper greatly. I also turn down opportunities concerning clients – or potential clients – who do not follow my instructions.

For example; I told someone not to mention a business name in a guest post because doing so makes it a sponsored post, and I cannot publish sponsored posts on one blog where I guest post. But after he edited the post and re-sent noting the business name again, I do not even bother to respond to him. I will simply ignore the email and move on.

I outgrew repeating myself a long time ago. I outgrew bartering, bargaining and badgering anyone. I have outgrown all of these activities to grow into the blogger I am today. But clinging to these old, worn out tactics for a sustained period of time held me back. I wasted precious time and energy bartering with people for peanuts.

I also spent time and energy explaining myself and my rates. Eventually, I let go these old, worn out activities to make room for new, exciting activities.

Letting go old and worn out activities for me – like blog commenting – opened up fresh moving energy for guest posting. I suggest blog commenting to build bonds. But when you outgrow it, let it go for something that feels fun, freeing and liberating for you.

Everything comes down to letting go blogging tactics the split second fear tries to overtake your mind. I never get too comfortable blogging-wise because comfort means little to no growth.

Being comfortable also allows attachments to blogging strategies to grow into steel cables, binding you like an anchor, retarding your blogging growth.

Review your blogging campaign every 3-6 months. What needs to go? What did you outgrow? What are you outgrowing now? Honestly let go old, worn out blogging activities to make room for greater fun, freedom and fulfillment.


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